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  1. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    hey i have some lag spikes too is because this packet loss at beginning? If you want see bigger
  2. Imperial Wine vs Belt

    thx, so after that I bought that Silverfrost antidote for flowers, when should i use the imperial wine? From beginning of the dungeon or when i go vs asura?
  3. Imperial Wine vs Belt

    What is difference why people ask Imperial Wine and belt? Imperial Wine and the belt doesn't do same thing? Both resist Asura brand. So why they in f8 ask antidote and belt? Also if they are same when i should use the antidote?
  4. Your maintenance time sux

    YEah this is so stupid! I really hate ncsoft/and some other NA companies because of this! Blizzard is much better, for them 1US =//=1EURO they have region prices! You should add region prices! i know blade and soul team can't do that but they need follow this issue to NCsoft West Finance Department!!!
  5. Your maintenance time sux

    And as always EU gets *cricket*ed because the times! While NA can play in decent hours! EU can't and premium time runs out! because when maintenance ends EU people will need go sleep to wake up early next day but in NA server will be up by the time they wake up and will be online for full day.