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  1. Warlock combo not working

    This skill combo not work for me... Have been trying it for a while.
  2. Hello if purchase the colorful autumn leaves costume that is not in store after 12th. And leave it in received items till the warlock class comes out. Wil it be ok to sit thier and claim it? Thanks for the help on this. :)
  3. They are adding dye options to korean one. Found a video and other info.
  4. Would like to get this costume also. :)
  5. coloful autumn leaves

    I see that now.
  6. coloful autumn leaves

    The coloful autumn leaves costume from the facebook / twitter update 23 mins is not showing up in the hongmoon store? Also the wardrobe and friendslist still broken. Hope that this able to be fixed soon. :)
  7. Unable to open Wardrobe after maintenance/patch

    I am still getting the wardrobe and friends list error. :( Hope this is fixed quickly.
  8. Wardrobe Can't Be Opened

    Wardrobe is broken and friends list to.
  9. Daily dash Issue

    Hello i noticed daily dash panel is not loading up? When is this going to be fixed? It finally started after 10 minutes of trying to load.
  10. Server down or crashed ?

    Still getting the 200 error.
  11. Server down or crashed ?

    Getting error 200 now :(
  12. Jiwan

    All ques are full for jiwan.....
  13. How come jiwan is still locked. When it suppose to be open as per new thread?
  14. Jiwan is now locked. And was not suppose to be locked now friend cannot join. Not very happy with the no eta.