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  1. It seems more like an organized community of gold farmers instead of botting. On a rather grand scale as well. It is going to be hard to ban such accounts as they are still legit players (even getting premium), even though they are playing this as a job and selling what they grind ~ And yes, they are probably the same people that rush grinded to 45 and sold moonwater transformation to everyone at crazy prices, grinded 24/7 for the recipe, using/selling them to profit off us. And then selling us back the gold they earn. It is such a grey area... they are players yet not players as well (if you get what I mean). Nothing to say about the damage invulnerability though...
  2. Help FM solo build ?

    What you should aim to achieve. There is a reason why FM is one of the top dps class for PVE, but it is hard to achieve as focus balancing isn't easy. You focus does not drop/regen at a fix rate, so you end up having to watch multiple things to achieve the fire+burn method. Watch rotations (keep burn up to spam fire laser, meaning you have to stack 5 embers, detonate with <1> for burn) Watch focus (fire laser eats focus, use ice <f> to get them back, or <3>, or dragonice <f>, or fire<x> shortfuse), because you have weapons that randomly regen focus, you end up having to recover focus only when RNG fails you and you need to pop ice skills, adding another level of consideration. Watch enemy attacks (use <q>, <e>, <ss>, to evade opponent skills, once cc'ed you might lose ember/burn and break dps cycle) Watch cooldowns (your evasion skills, your fire cooldowns like instant inferno/firewall/meteor/shortfuse, inferno does extra dmg on burning, your biggest nuke, hit 12k crit with TrueProfane gear) If there are other FMs using builds that waste ember, ur pretty screwed unless you can snatch the chance to detonate ember for burn. But if more than 1 FM is running burn (I pray everyday), the entire threat for the fight goes to FMs and FMs only. Or, you can just stick to safe and lazy ice build (it's a good thing to be lazy too). If you do not wish to pursue that level of stress in just a game. Basically BnS unlike other mmo's allows players to achieve a state of 'professional BnS player' in the game. Your rotations/reactions/judgement, plays a huge part, and will be even more significant in Mushin Tower. Welcome to the 21st century arcade Street Fighter / Tekkan.
  3. Hi everyone, we are currently capped out at the moment. The next guild upgrade would cost 50G+310Soulstone to increase member size, so we won't be able to expand any time soon T.T We have 20+ of our members capped 45 and are running Faction/ Big 4/ Poh 24men / Poh 6men daily. Majority of our player base are adults and you would see most activity during late afternoons till midnight~ GMT+8. We are doing weekly checks to filter out those who are hardly online etc. If we do open up more slots, we will leave an update here. Thank you for all your interests, we hope to see you in Hajoon!
  4. OR, run the GameFirstService, after you start BnS, set its priority as HIGHEST. Your ASUS motherboard would reroute all available/needed to resource to BnS instead. Improving FPS/ping etc.
  5. Yey! Join us! We are pretty hardcore actually Hahaha.