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  1. Lag in Mushin's tower

    they said increase performance on patch notes i see all them decreased
  2. assasin solo

    did u read this post since the beginning?? ofc assasins are doing dmg in stealth and even that way they reset sometimes i dunno if this thing is still working like this cos i didn't tryed after this update
  3. FPS

    [Poop] Optimization [/Poop] i rly would like to kill every opposite faction member that i find on my way but sadly my fps don't allow me i wish my guild could group up and kill them all when they are trying to kill a raid boss but sadly is hard already to do a dungeon without fps breaks pvp is just a dream that i will keep preying for it [Poop] Optimization [/Poop]
  4. assasin solo

    ok guys lets clarify something here u got a way to avoid the reset but it exist and shouldn't exist. it happens in open world as well there is some wrong configuration when we are on stealth vs the target of npcs that should be fixed. fighting bosses on corner and using skills to not get dmg when u should be just stealth all the time it makes no sence to me this in brighstone ruins but in open world this happen and u can't predicted
  5. assasin solo

    ok u got a point there but u know that boss spawns the yellow espheres that are suposed to die. if u try to kill them stealth meanwhile bosses are invunerabel they will reset anyway if u are not stealth u get dmg by them and will make u use alot of potion or u will probably die. Today killing the daylie boss husten or huken or something like that in misty woods he reseted when i was stealth and as far as i know he doesn't get invunerabel so bosses are reseting when u are soloing on stealth. and that should be fixed they should only reset if u go to far away and not if u are using ur skills
  6. assasin solo

    it doesn't make any sence cos i can atack it for a while just in the midle of the boss HP he decide to reset is not suposed to happen but it does
  7. assasin solo

    so here i am i in brightsone ruins trying to solo the last boss and BUM reset. i even trying to no atack the yellow balls but they keep reseting. why do bosses reset if i am in stealth? i am an assasin i am supposed to be in perma stealth i did alot of trys and i keep failing cos of the reset and no i can't do it without stealth is impossibel to do it as an assasin pls fix the resets
  8. Can we please get some optimization

    i don't have that PC specs but i run windows 7 and i got the same problem in misty woods close to faction daylies world pvp is kinda unskilled and more fps based combat besides only doing PVE with 7 fps is already hard enought to keep alive even harder to make enought dps to get the box at least as a melle
  9. Blackwyrm / Terror FPS issues

    yep i got the same problem i normmaly play at 7 fps there only sometimes i have luck and they jump to 20 but i get alot of breaks in some other places too like everytime a fight start or something like that if i go alone to dungeons i got already 70 fps so my pc is suposed to run the game but as far as i know 10000 post saying that the optimization sucks and still 0 repply from NCSOFT
  10. Client crashes

    they made the party on teh f2p launch so now they are still in hangouver
  11. Nice attempt

    that is the LFG chat and not the faction chat (. . ')
  12. Client crashes

    for this specific 4049error delete the GameGuard folder and update the game again that will probably download it again and it should be solved
  13. How to test PING in-game?

    i don't use any other programs to help on ping or to see the ping. just press Ctrl+Alt+Delete go to task manager and then performance and then monitorize resources u should have administrador acess then got to network tab and check conection TCP u will have 5 clients.exe normally is the last one and lower on latency. i hope i could help:p
  14. The real WHY summoner is OP

    i won against summoners and i am assasin just make sure u cc the pet and go for caster but for sure they need to add a lock target feature for those moments when they run around the cc'ed pet so i accidentaly hit it and break the cc after that i am dead ofc the class is strong for sure but insted of rebuilding a full class they should just bind a key to lock and unlock targets even if i am not looking at it not tyhat my spells would work but in massive pvp i wanna hit that certain target and not everyone who is in the midle.
  15. Premium vs F2P

    yeah i completly agree with @dustyjones but the only thing they should do to help f2p is to unboud the bags used to expand the inventory (bank/bag) so people who like to pay can buy those bags to f2p people and we all win. Money for some and happyness for others.