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  1. This exactly. What is most offensive to me is the people in this thread asking "what's the big deal? it's just clothing." These people have no concept of boundaries or acceptable behavior towards the opposite sex.
  2. I love men. I just hate sexist pigs like you. Try to comprehend what I said rather than putting words in my mouth. "Dissatisfaction" does not translate to "OH MY GOD SHE IS BREAKING HER MARRIAGE VOWS!" That's what men do, darling -- apparently even when they're "totally satisfied" with their virgin brides. Stop projecting.
  3. I bet you are one of those good Christian men like Josh Duggar who molests his sisters and cheats on his wife with prostitutes. That study was grossly limited and not at all representative of the larger population. For starters its demographic was Americans 18-34 years old. Second you seem to be misunderstanding the findings: it is the WOMEN who reported being "happier in their marriage" when she had fewer sexual partners (specifically, when she entered the marriage as a virgin), not the men reporting greater happiness because they married a virgin. As a woman, I'd be willing to bet money that majority of these women are just reporting such satisfaction because they were stupid enough to "wait until marriage" and have probably never experienced an orgasm, are likely terrible in bed, and their husbands are more than likely going to cheat on them, if they haven't started to already. These women, at the maximum ripe old age of 34 (lol) are probably going to be reporting severe dissatisfaction later in life when that 20/20 hindsight will shatter the blissful ignorance they were living in for the duration of their marriages. Even the researchers who published that study explained the "marital satisfaction" as likely the result of inexperience and unawareness of alternatives: "more experience may increase one's awareness of alternative partners." Nice try though. Here's the full report for anyone interested: http://nationalmarriageproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/NMP-BeforeIDoReport-Final.pdf
  4. First of all your "2" is statistically inaccurate. Women make up about half the gaming population these days. And personally I was less offended by the original story than I am by the complaining about the change and the sexist defenses people are giving for the original.
  5. I don't mean to be rude because it seems that English is not your first language, so this may be the problem here, but I asked for examples from the game of stories about MEN being treated like SEX TOYS and you gave me stories about WOMEN and these stories support my point that WOMEN are treated like SEX TOYS in stories and MEN are NOT. Hope that clarifies what I was asking. Thank you for the input regardless. Anyway, I fully understand that in Asian cultures (Muslim ones too) the woman's chastity is of great importance but here in the western world we consider that sort of viewpoint to be misogynistic because we (some of us at least) value women for more than their sex organs.
  6. Can you name two quests that involve discussion of male virginity and purity, or a woman stealing a man's clothing to trap him into marrying her?
  7. Did you not read the quote the OP included? Anyway, if you truly care to understand why people get upset over this kind of thing read this reddit thread. https://np.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/3249ff/women_of_reddit_when_did_you_first_notice_that/%20 The sensitivity to this kind of treatment of women even in fiction is because it happens every day to most women all over the world in real life and seeing it used carelessly in something like a game, for laughs or irrelevant storytelling in a tasteless manner that does not treat the subject material with the care and respect it deserves is offensive.
  8. Costume inventory in Taiwan is free, Why not us?

    I played TERA for a while and did subscribe mainly for the atlas (teleport anywhere), the location journal (save 5 spots and tele direct to them) and the auction house changes (increased 10 slots to 50, eliminated broker fees AND sales taxes), but I did not like this model because these extras were rather necessary to make the game truly enjoyable, at least for me. Personally, I would rather pay a subscription fee for a pay to play game where every player has the same features and there is no cash shop than pay extra for some bonuses in a F2P game. The extras in a f2p really need to be weighed against the affect on the community. In TERA a lot of the sub features were geared toward making more money in game. I think that's a reasonably fair exchange (RL money for a bit more money in game). But fundamental basics, like fast travel in TERA or the wardrobe in this game, I feel those should be available to all people, F2P players included.
  9. Great post. You're so much easier to read when you're concise like this.
  10. Mk let me ask you then: What was your point, originally? "People should not be offended by A (the edited quest) if they are not also offended by B (this other quest)." It also seemed as if you were saying that B was worse than A and should generate more outrage. That's how I read it, and my responses have been in line with that understanding. If I misunderstood then I apologize. Re: asian stereotyping: a lot of people are playing this game because they have an asian kawaii culture fetish. I'm not one of them, and personally I'd like to see more westernization of things, but I know it's unlikely to happen.
  11. I agree with that completely but just because it is a game doesn't mean things in the game are incapable of "hitting too close to home" so to speak, or that just because it is make-believe gives it a green light to be completely tasteless and offensive. The fashion in this game is more than enough sexualization of women to last us all our game lifetimes. We don't need more of it in our quests, and we don't need it played up for laughs.
  12. Costume inventory in Taiwan is free, Why not us?

    Ikasu, your posts are waaaaaaaay too long. Condense. TL;DR.
  13. Excuse me? You were the one trying to draw a false 1:1 when you compared the Steal clothes quest to a "Kill this other NPC" quest. I was pointing out specifically one reason your logic was flawed. You're erecting a strawman and avoiding the actual discussion. "The gown and her heart" -- not "the gown and my erect manhood" -- do you really not see the difference between the two? Do you really need it explained to you that one is lewd and offensive?
  14. It's the same mentality of those who that lost their minds over Anita Sarkeesian pointing out sexism in video games. Immature boys (not men) who can't get attention from women in real life, likely because of their demented views on what constitutes acceptable ways to treat women.
  15. The moral outrage is because unlike the murder of PTSD sufferers there are real women raped and otherwise assaulted every day. Victims of sexual violence are made uncomfortable by depictions of sexual violence in entertainment. Now I'm not saying this is sexual VIOLENCE, but it's within the realm of it. It's using the violation of a woman's right to consent and privacy and making a joke of it. Yes, Aion had a similar quest, but the tone of it was vastly different than this one: In aion the young man who asked the PC to steal the nymph's clothes was hopelessly in love with the nymph in a romantic way,not in a lustful, lecherous, viewing women as an object, creepy and gross sort of way,. Honestly, the complaining from (what appears to be) males about this quest dialogue being changed (and their inability to comprehend why it was changed) makes me tremendously uncomfortable, even more uncomfortable than the original quest dialogue does. Really boys, it's disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself.
  16. Mob Spawns / Spawn Frequency / Spawn Layout

    I agree, mobs are too few and spatially too far between. Some classes are geared toward aoe damage and it's impossible to round any up because they're so far apart.
  17. Costume inventory in Taiwan is free, Why not us?

    I too think having the wardrobe "deposit" as premium only is backwards. The wardrobe is an inventory. It's like making access to the bank premium only. 15 dollars a month for inventory is ridiculous. It's a necessity, not a luxury. Charging a one time fee to unlock access to it is reasonable, but expecting people to pay every month for it is absurd.
  18. PVP spawn Camp improvement?

    So pressing 3 respawns you without clothes? Things like this need to be better explained in game, and not just in some NPC dialogue that everyone is just going to spam F through. I didn't even know that wearing the clothes turned on PK mode, and I was having the same spawn killing problem.