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  1. My FPS is horrible (under 15)

    I usually have my dad do any hardware fixes or other stuff that's out of my ability or comfort zone and it goes to staples when it's out of his league. he spent a few hours this week just poking around to make sure everything was in working order and he found no errors or issues or out of date stuff. he says the pc is fine. I'm going to install the game on an old laptop (sony vaio -- i hate it and never use it) to see if the fps is any better on that one. no smoke, but there may be dust, it's been a while since i opened it up to clean, so i will have my dad crack it open tomorrow and clean it up.
  2. My FPS is horrible (under 15)

    Ok so which is it? Is my hardware low end garbage or is it "good enough" to be getting "decent (30-60 fps)"?
  3. My FPS is horrible (under 15)

    Yes, i submitted a ticket and it was marked "solved" without any response. Also just to clarify, I am not having FPS drops. I have consistent 15 or lower FPS. I get 20 tops when I enter a dungeon alone, and it drops back to 15 as I move around, and under 10 during combat.
  4. My FPS is horrible (under 15)

    My win7 is 64 bit. So what I'm understanding is that my stuff should be good enough to get me 30-60 fps but for some reason it's not. I'd like to fix the problem rather than spend money on a new card when the one I have is fine. my motherboard: http://www.findlaptopdriver.com/specs-0y2mrg-dell/
  5. My FPS is horrible (under 15)

    Thanks. As far as I know everything is up to date and in working order. Earlier this year I had fried my hard drive and had to send the PC in for repair and replace the HD. Ever since then I have a problem with (I think the graphics card) when playing games and using DivX (it freezes for a few seconds randomly). My drivers are up to date, everything is up to date. I really don't know what the problem is.
  6. My FPS is horrible (under 15)

    Lol. as cheap as possible.
  7. My FPS is horrible (under 15)

    Is that the video card? What's a good one? Also the "lol" was unnecessary. If you can't be helpful without being a condescending jerk, then don't bother.
  8. Giant Plague Mite & Pokey bosses

    Upgrade your weapon OP. Stop being a noob.
  9. So upon first look it would appear that the soul shield shards get their own special inventory, boy was I disappointed when I realized that's not the case. Why on earth would there be a separate page for it without actually storing them there? And why are there so many rows to suggest that you can/should carry/store multiple sets when really it's just going to take up your entire inventory? Organization? whoop-de-do. Is this how it's supposed to be? Can this be changed?
  10. What did you do to the story? (spoilers)

    My point was we aren't really missing out on anything of tangible (so to speak) substance. Some people are acting like they removed all the fashion or ultimate weapons or something, as if the story edits are going to have any long-term impact on game play.
  11. Q1 2016 launch vs Black Desert Online???

    I never heard of BDO. Just checked it out and it looks like a skyrim type of game and I suspect it will suffer from the same weaknesses sandbox RPGs typically suffer from: horrible menu navigation and UI, bad character movement controls, bad camera controls, bad combat, bad transportation, lack of linear or narrative structure. It might amass a cult following though, like skyrim has, but it's not really the style of game whose gameplay appeals to me. The graphics and character models don't look nice at all to me either, they look rather dated, stiff, and pixelated with shrp corners and obvious polygons.
  12. What did you do to the story? (spoilers)

    I don't like it when a foreign movie or TV show ends up with an altered story for US release, but I don't really play an MMO for the story. I play for the social aspects and the PVP. The story also has very limited entertainment value (it's really only "good" the first time") if you even bother to read it rather than click through it just for the rewards. The replay value of an MMO is rolling alts and unless story progression grants access to restricted regions or the quest rewards are significant most people skip the story completely on successive play throughs (of course there will be exceptions). Ultimately content changes from the original version to the version I play only matter to me if we miss out completely on certain items or map locations or dungeons or playable/usable content that has a long term use or presence, like permanent quest reward equipment or vanity items, recipes or an NPC to purchase a certain consumable, etc. Personally it makes no difference to me because I'm only playing the one version so I won't know the difference. Story is less than 5% of my enjoyment of an MMO in general and long term, anyway.
  13. You are overestimating the intelligence of the population, as well as overestimating their capacity to show respect for women or treat us like human beings. I agree with the rest of that post.
  14. Congratulations for missing the entire point. Personally I don't care about the quest itself. What upsets me is people not being able to admit that yea, "it's wrong to steal women's clothes, or peep on them in the bath, or treat them like sex toys."
  15. Speak for yourself. You don't want it westernized. I do.
  16. It's not irrelevant but it's not equal to the "exact same of the opposite sex" because all you have is that one, solitary example from a game literally littered with sexism towards women. Pay closer attention to the body of that paragraph and not just the introductory sentence and also to what I was responding to. I think I already explained it sufficiently, but I guess I'll try again. Men writing a story where two men are revered for their looks to the point of being captured and held as trophies doesn't make the entire game negative towards men the same way that the entire game as a whole, with all those factors I listed, comes across as negative towards women. How many more times are you going to say it and still not leave?
  17. The thing that you people seem to not comprehend about misandry and misogyny is that it only becomes such when it's a prevalent theme and "institutionalized." For a game that would mean the sum of the fashion, the boobs, the treatment of female NPCs in quests, etc. So you have cited one example of men being objectified or sexualized. Care to provide more, specifically enough for it to become "thematic" of the entire game? The game did well in asian cultures where men would rather spend valentines day on an otaku "date" than have to speak to a real woman. Given the way they portray and regard women in their media, it's no surprise. That's not the case in the states, though I guess among the gaming population it may be the case because so many here have od'd on anime and manga and asian culture to the point that they think it's normal or acceptable in other cultures. I'm trying to make the point of "how does it feel with the shoe on the other foot? Bad? Ok, now multiply that times a billion and get back to me." But of course, it went over all of your heads. Weren't you going back to the dungeon, or whatever?
  18. Good. I'm glad you're offended. Sexually objectifying two generic male NPCs is the absolute least this game can do to equal the playing field with their sexualized fashion (disclaimer: i'm not complaining about it) and ridiculous "jiggle physics."
  19. There is a tasteful way to do a quest like that and then there is a gross, creepy, lecherous way to do it.
  20. What's that they say about making assumptions?
  21. Actually sweet cheekes that xenophobia was a direct quote from the post I was responding to. ;)
  22. Why is that "too far?" She is the one pooh-poohing the severity of poor treatment of women around the world. If it's not that bad then surely, she can handle it herself, right? I'm honestly baffled as to how a self proclaimed female can be so completely ignorant and insensitive to the constant sexual harassment so many women, even in civilized countries, have to deal with on a daily basis. Just as ONE example, since around 13 years old I have not bought a single bottle of lotion without some man in the store, at the register, or in line behind/in front of me making a lewd remark about wanting to put it on me or watch me put it on myself or another woman. That is an example of unacceptable behavior and it runs rampant in America from men of all ages, and the mini-meltdown some people had over "censorship" of this quest and their inability to even remotely fathom why it was altered is essentially them holding up a big arrow pointing at them saying "Hey look, I'm just like the creepy man at the store. What that guy does is OK by me." I play games to relax and I don't want to be reminded of this when I play a fantasy game with kiddie-cat-girls and magic spells and dragon currents and humans gliding through the air on their own "chi."
  23. Motivation and intent. The NPC stole the clothing with the intention of forcing the female into marriage so that he could cure his impotence by having sex with her. That is sexual harassment and sexual objectification. Also murder and groping? What the hell are you even referencing? My point about boundaries was to echo what someone else said, that there are many men (in western cultures too) who don't know the difference between acceptable sexual behavior and unacceptable sexual behavior. Slapping my ass on the subway is unacceptable behavior. Trying to spike my drink with roofies is unacceptable behavior. Trying to guilt or bully me into sex is unacceptable behavior. Putting hidden cameras in the bathroom is unacceptable behavior. But there will be droves of men insisting that all of the above is perfectly fine. There are still men in america who think "marital *cricket*" is not real because they are "entitled" to "use" their wife's body any time they want.
  24. You need to pick up a news paper. I bet the muslim women in the middle east and India who are forced to marry their rapists, or being gang raped in public as "punishment" for something their brothers or fathers did would say they feel pretty sexually subjugated. Mail order brides from asian and slavic countries still exist as does human trafficking and sexual slavery.