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  1. Help me pick which hair/tail combo

    Thank you for the detailed input. Oddly enough, #4 is the way my character currently looks. I just got bored and started playing around in char creator and fell madly in love with the tail in 1-3, and then changed the hair style to better match the ears/tail. Personally I really, really like #2. But it's also important to me to have a character that others can really admire the look of, hence why I'm asking. Also 2 of my friends are calling me crazy for wanting to change the character. Does it make me a terrible person for not wanting to share my presets? QQ
  2. Help me pick which hair/tail combo

    Yay, thank you all for the replies and votes. I do have to wonder though if 4 is being swayed by the lighting XD. maybe I should make a new thing and repost >.<
  3. Help me pick which hair/tail combo

    Thanks so much for the reply. I'm so sorry to be difficult, but I don't want the class to influence the votes. Different folks have diff ideas of what would be appropriate or more suitable for certain classes, like thin tail making more sense for an agile blade dancer, and a bushy tail maybe for a summoner because it's "cuter" -- I'm not looking for "cute" I'm just wondering overall, on its own, which is the better, more aesthetically pleasing and attractive combo of hair and tail for the face and body (tall, slim) and color scheme (white/silver) that I made.
  4. Alternative to character deletion

    Having more increments in between 5 minutes and 7 days would be preferable, though this would be much less of a problem if we were given more slots to start out with, or if levels in this game actually meant anything/were difficult to "earn" and reach. People are able to reach the lvl cap in 3 days. You should never be able to max out faster than it'd take to delete the character.
  5. I'm lvl 40 and have accumulated some wealth and lvld crafting and gear. I don't want to wait 7 days and start over from scratch, but I don't want to stay on Jiwan with the recent community issue that has come to light.
  6. 7 Day Wait For Character Deletion (Premium)

    You have a 7 day wait to protect your characters of higher lvl and gear from being deleted in 5 minutes in the event your account is hacked. Most times a deleted character cannot be recovered, but deleted or stolen items can be. Most games have similar wait periods. This allows customer support enough time to receive a ticket and take action in the event of a hack.
  7. Servers down???

    OMG Stop saying "nyan" -- it's not cute,
  8. This is ridiculous and intrusive and completely obnoxious, having a popup in the bottom corner of my screen in game, out of game, no matter what I'm doing, if I'm logged intot he forum. I have navigated to "notification settings" and tickd everything to OFF but it still says " Browser notifications enabled Your browser has enabled desktop notifications, allowing us to tell you when there's new content even if you aren't active in this window. HOW DO I DISABLE THIS CRAP?!?!?!?
  9. How do I disable pop-up notifications for forums?

    Please make an effort to read the full post before replying. I clearly stated that I already edited the notification settings but I am still getting pop-ups.
  10. Different countries and different purchase methods often have different default spending limits and restrictions. You'll have to talk with customer support directly to find out what your limit is and if you can increase it. Complaining about it on the forum in a vague manner like you did in your OP is a waste of everyone's time.
  11. You have that forced enthusiasm necessary for phone sex.
  12. Well you should probably find out what the limit is before assuming that something is broken. I mean the message is outright telling you what the problem is and you're saying it's broken -- it's not.
  13. Well DID you exceed a purchase limit? Meaning did you spend a lot over the weekend or something?
  14. 190mins wait to play?

    Yesterday there was consistently a 9 premium queue. Today that jumped up into the hundreds. This is the first MMO i've played that had such a thing as a queue. I honestly Don't understand why they designed the game this way. I played a game that had ONE channel for each map and there wasn't a queue to log in there. Why is this even a problem? Why would they design the game like this? You know the people who play this game have work, school, etc. What are we supposed to do? Start the login process when we wake up in the morning and hope that we get logged in (and not disconnected) by the time we get home from a 9-5?
  15. You're probably doing something wrong.
  16. Does anyone know how to Align center or align right on the forums? All I see is align left and justify but ive seen some aligned center in the recruitment section, how did they do it?
  17. Initiate pack is a scamm? Where are the premium points?

    1- You have to apply the code AGAIN after launch. When you apply it again in game it should show a greyed out 0/13,000 or whatever "Rank 2" -- when you buy premium this will be in blue lettering. starting rank says 0/20,800 next rank says 0/13,800 Zero (or how many points you have towards)/ total Applying the founder pack 20,800 will give you 20,800/20,800 and level it up to rank 2, which is xxx/13,800. It won't say "you have 20,800 points" -- it just accumulates points until you rank UP and then displays next rank. your rank never decreases so there is no need to display total points, especially when each rank requires a diff number of points. 2- rank only matters when you HAVE a premium subscription. Your rank points remain and accumulate without premium but you only benefit from rank when you have active premium. So you can have no premium but buy Ncoin and buy an outfit, and you will still earn premium points for it, but your premium bonuses from a high rank will only be active while you have an active premium sub. I agree, its kinda stupid and really sucks.
  18. After speaking to the first NPC and viewing the first cutscene in Gloomdross Forest (the place where the villagers are being "corrupted") the screen goes to black and never loads either the rest of the cut scene, or the playable part of the game. It forces you to alt+ctrl+delete and relog to continue playing. This has happened to me and also a friend playing in a diff timezone and state, so it's nto an isolated issue of my PC or hardware.
  19. WTFast Question

    How do you check your PING in game?
  20. Need some filters on player pictures

    M is not the rating used for explicit sexual images. The rating for that is X.
  21. Need some filters on player pictures

    If people can put naked women or up close panty shots as their pictures I hope it'll be ok for me to put naked men or up close crotch shots of my favorite porn stars' bulging manhoods. But I have a feeling I would get reported to oblivion and banned.
  22. Running win7 on a desktop dell.. Intel® Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.4GHz Memory : 12288MB RAMAvailable OS Memory : 12270MB RAMAMD Radeon HD 7700 Series Why do I have 15 FPS and lower?
  23. I usually end up playing for long enough to do all my spins, but I always forget because even with the little popup reminder there are always a few icons down there and I kinda learned to ignore them. =/