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  1. Show off your characters!!

    You can save your character's appearance in-game by going to ESC menu> photo gallery . appearance tab, and clicking at the bottom "save appearance, and "save" again on the preview window that comes up.
  2. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    The only way to truly eliminate gold sellers is to eliminate the need to buy gold from third party websites. To do this the game needs an in-game gold/NCoin trade. Supposedly we have one, but I haven't seen it anywhere. Anyway, games that have RL currencies (Ncoin) that can be directly traded in game for game currency never have the spambot issue. It also generates more revenue for the game because when someone with RL cash to spend is in need of game coin they can just buy Ncion and trade it for their game coin.
  3. So we can get a second costume? Or no? Does it just sit completed and useless until the date in feb on the screen? What am I supposed to do 2-3x a day now?
  4. Is the daily dash going to reset?

    The problem isn't the wait (which is 16 days, not 3). The problem is I wanted the Regium corvus for my summoner AND my FM and now I'm forced to choose one or the other, and I can't even separate the head adornment from the dress (head fash doesnt look good on a lyn). With 16 days left they should reset the wheel so people can get the costumes twice. Not like we can sell them anyway...
  5. Wardrobe access for non-premium players

    I have premium but I agree it should be free. It was not designed to be premium exclusive. Did the original version even have a premium? Premium generally gives extras -- not unlocks built-in basic features of a game. Wardrobe is on f3. That's like saying you need to be premium to access f8 (dungeon matching) or f4 (friends list).
  6. Playerbase is now set in stone

    I'm on jiwan on an alt right now and Foshi pyres is pretty active. Not insanely crowded like it was during head start and early launch, but still, nowhere near a ghost town. Honestly though, given how fast it is to level int his game,e specially early on, how long do you expect people to take in the starter areas?
  7. Censorship and Changes

    Seriously. It's hilarious when people are so indignant about things they are completely wrong about.
  8. Ok so I am aware that later on we have NPCs that can alter the looks of our cat in every aspect, so I was just wondering if which one we choose at the beginning of the game has any permanent impact on the pet. A friend I had asked said something to the effect of "it determines the cat's mannerisms and voice" but I'm not sure if that is true/accurate, and I'm not sure my cat has ever spoken (aside from the introduction at the start of the game). Does anyone know?
  9. I don't remember this being an issue in BETA, but it has since the launch: When sprinting and transitioning from land to water walking (after learning water sprint) it still cancels the sprint and you have to re-initiate the sprint. It's really annoying.
  10. Summoner Cat question -- starter cats

    Ok thank you both.
  11. Summoner Cat question -- starter cats

    But what exactly does the personality affect in game? Like the way they walk/run? Their combat stance? or what? What does the cat do that ever shows personality? When do they speak?

    The issue is not the server or a DDOS. The problem is the launcher.
  13. ERROR E01008 FIX HERE!

    I found this fix on reddit about 3 hours ago and while it did resolve the 01008 error, I was again disconnected and having various launcher issues. Every time I fix one a new one pops up. The only other game I had this many launcher issues with was AION. I really don't understand why this company designs such terrible launchers. I just did a system restore, and updated the game, verified. It's logging me in now. If I get disconnected again and start having launcher problems again I will try reinstalling the launcher.
  14. Show off your characters!!

    You said: You equated women with large breasts and wide hips with "fat, ugly women" and differentiated them from "actually good looking women." It's not my reading comprehension that is the issue here. Anyway, I don;t care to participate in an immature and useless argument. deadlybeauties has been utterly obnoxious in this thread, and she deserves all the flack she's getting, but you made the same mistake she did -- generalizing and chastising looks in a really insulting and biased manner -- the only difference is you equated it to real women ("some countries..."), and she didn't. If you can't handle being called out on your own insensitive and offensive remarks then you probably shouldn't try to police other people for theirs.

    OP was TL;DR. You could have just replied to one of the other dozen topics saying that "not being able to map my skills to keys I want sucks" -- which I agree. I don't really like the skill/key binding system of this game at all. There's such a tiny window to hit the skill as it changes, and by the time I move my finger to the key it's over and I can't use it.
  16. Thank you NCsoft

    Premium is 959 points for 30 days, and you can buy 800 points for $10 or 1600 points for $20. Suffice to say, premium is not $5. Not that $20 is going to break the bank, but don't exaggerate -- it doesn't strengthen your argument.
  17. Show off your characters!!

    You really need to learn how to talk to people with respect and courtesy. You flipped out when someone said your toons weren't the best thing they ever saw, and you did this after several pages of calling others toons ugly and insulting entire countries for the looks of their women. Thanks for ruining the thread. Kind of shocked that a mod hasn't deleted your posts yet.
  18. Show off your characters!!

    As a woman with larger breasts I find your comment calling all women with assets ugly rather offensive.
  19. Costume list?

    Almost every item in the game tells you where you can obtain it directly on the tooltips (the info displayed when you click it or mouse over it), and that includes the fashion in the wardrobe (F3). It will say something like "lair of the Yutay" which means either the boss or a monster inside that dungeon drops it. If they list a zone then a monster in the zone can drop it. If they list an NPC then you can buy/trade for it from that NPC. If it says transmute then you have to transmute.
  20. I can't decide. Tell me which you guys like best? The face is the same in all, just maybe slightly diff expression (you can't get them to stay perfectly still), just diff hair colors, paired with blue or green eye color. Numbered for easier identification of your favorites. All sorts of input greatly appreciated.
  21. Thanks everyone. Bump for more input.
  22. Which one of the following is best? Basically the same character, just different tail, hair style, and 1 hairstyle in 2 shades (darker to better match the ears/tail)? From left to right we'll call them 1 2 3 4 and 5.
  23. Help me pick which hair/tail combo

    Thanks for the input everyone =)
  24. Help me pick which hair/tail combo

    I like 2 and 4, I'm just currently mesmerized by 4 lol. Idk. Maybe I'll make an alt just to visit it from time to time. I think I like 2 more because she's more "mature" or "adult" than the other one. Kawaii isn't really my thing.
  25. Help me pick which hair/tail combo

    Thank you, I feel less terrible. Ah see, everyone has diff ideas on that sort of thing. But you still didn't vote. Which one, on her own, is best?