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  1. Those from TERA, How is Your Experience?

    I quit tera because come end-game every dungeon was SOLELY reliant upon use of split-second iframes to get through every boss. I was extremely disappointed to see that in this game, in the last dungeon (Blackram Supply Chain) you're forced to rely on iframes to get through at least 2 of the bosses. BnS has better char creation, tera has better skills and UI customization. Tera might have genderlock but I really disliked class-race lock in this game. Extremely limiting.
  2. Let me give you another example: "In the world of Bogeymen, ookas or ookalakalakas are known for their greatness. I'd like to think I'm witnessing the making of an ookalakalaka." So in this sentence, can you please tell me, what is an Ooka and an Ookalakalaka? If it is a bogeyman, why did I not just use the same word? All Dochun "clarified" is that Jyan is a term in the "realm of warriors" -- doesn't specify what a jyan is. A type of warrior, duh? What type? WTF does it mean? And why do random strangers we encounter in game call us Jyan right away? Do we have a tattoo on our forehead? What makes a Jyan? All dochun explained is that an EXCEPTIONAL Jyan makes a JYANSEI.
  3. Why do random NPCs who I just met keep calling me that? It just makes no sense.
  4. Sorry but explaining the relationship between a Jyan and Jyansei is not providing a definition of what a Jyan is in the first place. "In the world of warriors [this word that has not been defined yet] who have attained greatness are known as jyansei (or lvl 2 "word that has not been defined")."
  5. Wanting to report a very offensive player.

    What is that symbol next t that one name in the chat box?
  6. Blight Bangle not dropping

    I've seen some other people reporting ~30 runs too. In beta on my FM it took quite a few, so many that I gave up and asked a friend to buy me the viridian key. Seems that razer and LBD weps drop much much more often.
  7. Founder Early Access to Silverfrost Expansion?

    Oh look, another paying player whining for more. I bought a founder pack, and I have premium, and I'm completely content with the benefits I get and the ones I got. I also support things like the founder fashion being released for direct purchase in a year or so. I really don't understand the need for greed of some people. You want to have game and balance-breaking advantages to drive off the f2p people and the other pay-to-play people who can't spend as much as the next guy? Pay to win ruins it for everyone, especially the people paying, because you end up with all that money sunk into a dead and empty game where you log in to visit your character and stare at it sitting in town.
  8. Wardrobe access for non-premium players

    It is giftable but not tradeable. Supposedly we will be getting an NCoing exchange system in game sooner or later which would enable folks to buy NCoin with game gold. And just to clarify: someone on page 1 said "you keep your premium benefits as you rank up" -- you only get the benefits if you have active premium. So you can be rank 9000 and when your premium expires you lose all benefits. When you renew premium you get all of the benefits back.
  9. I wonder how the NA reception would go if the Lycandi were black instead of fox-girls with all the slavery and sexual subjugation.
  10. Summoner name change?

    Can you try that again in coherent english? You named your CHARACTER wrong, or your FAMILIAR (cat) wrong? There is currently no way to change the cat name. Re-roll.
  11. NCSoft, gib me monies and I will read things for you.

    So you'd like to be paid for what literally every other player can do: reporting text errors.
  12. Company behind gold spammers

    Congratulations Sherlock, you've provided utterly useless information that any noob can pull off of google.
  13. Future plans for Silver Dragon Outfit?

    If I've learned ANYTHING from "free to play" MMOs it's that NOTHING stays exclusive forever. An item is exclusive when it's released for a limited time to make some other purchase more attractive, and eventually, usually a year or two later, the exclusive item will show up in the shop because the inability to have it makes more people want it and so when it is released for direct purchase sales will be very high.
  14. Why doesn't a mod ever respond to my threads? I think the daily dash should reset when we complete it so we can get a second chance at the fashion. Average is ~15 days to complete it and there's 16 days left.
  15. BnS Reaction Gifs

    That's the same reaction I have when someone says that to me IRL.
  16. Future plans for Silver Dragon Outfit?

    Um I could have sworn this was in the cash shop for 1200? Anyway, it SHOULD BE!
  17. The people whining about this are really immature and obnoxious. Go play the asian version if you find it so objectionable. "Censorship" is just a buzzword. NCsoft is not a dictator government regime ruining your lives because they changed some text. Most people playing the NA release won't know the difference, and speaking as one of those players I absolutely do not care.
  18. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Sure just credit me lol
  19. Ahem. So the rest of a squad should suffer the handicap of a missing player while the person who was dc'd waits in a queue, which could very possibly be a non-premium queue of several thousand? No. It's much, much easier and far more reasonable to get an individual player into a new dungeon than to expect everyone else to wait. I know being disconnected sucks, it has happened to me in this game once before, but it's really not that big a deal.
  20. Show off your characters!!

    Lol. Yea, she does look like a bit of a bratty diva. It wasn't intentional though lol.
  21. Show off your characters!!

    real what now?