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  1. It's pretty stupid that they're removing the option to get to siren or pirate. The logic is that siren and pirate require farming of 45 dungeons that nobody runs anymore, but those dungeons need to be farmed for accessory upgrades anyway, and new players should have to go through all the steps and dungeons on their path to end game content.
  2. You're talking about the lip twitch and smirk on lyn, and whatever else it is on other races.
  3. Reset all tabs of your settings and it will fix the problem. This happens when you use ctrl+f and optimize for combat too often. Toggling these on disables a number of settings, and toggling the option off does not turn everything it disabled back on.
  4. It's supposed to be gun oil. Perfume makes absolutely no sense.
  5. I honestly figured the gold trade would eliminate them. I've really never seen a botting situation this bad in any other game I've played.
  6. The mods on this forum are the NC Staff, they're just labeled "mod" for some unexplained reason. There are no player volunteer mods on the forum as far as i know.
  7. Wait, so are you seriously complaining about the gold-seller spam bots? Because those are pretty insignificant to the overall health of the game. It is the player bots, out in the game world killing monsters and doing arena all day which are actually affecting the game experience of players. The gold-seller-spam-bots literally sit in a town spamming, those are dealt with fast enough already by the staff, and most certainly don't need your help.
  8. YES! It is! Do you see how much complaining occurs when the servers crash? People asking for refunds of premium and such? Your suggestion is only going to result in abuse of power, mistakes made by people who are NOT legitimate, NOT backed by NC Staff/payroll, Not accountable in any way, and who will cause countless legitimate players to be furious with actual NC Soft for allowing it to happen, leading to more tickets, more work for support, to correct the mistakes of these volunteers and dole out reparations to people affected by the fallibility of these volunteers. Ho
  9. There is no such thing as an in game moderator. Just because you are calling it that does not make it so. And again, now, watered down, stripped of every idea you presented in this thread, giving these "moderators" no power -- you are describing the report button. Which we already have. Please stop being dense.
  10. If I was a moderator I would disconnect and mute you right now because your idea is terrible and you are being rather pig-headed about it. I doubt you would be understanding or appreciative of my choice, though. See how that works? The reason bot reports take so long to be dealt with is because unlike your suggestion NC staff needs actual proof, and to be truly certain that the player character in question is in fact a bot. You are demanding that unstaffed anybodies have the ability to deny service to players based on nothing but their own personal opinion and knee-jerk reactions w
  11. Moderating a text forum and playing the role of an in-game GM with GM capabilities are completely different things. What you people are describing is an in-game GM, Game Master, not a "moderator." Look up the definition of moderator. It's specific to an "online forum or discussion." Moderators on a forum never have the ability to deny service. The most they can do is delete a post or lock a thread. All bans, temporary or otherwise have to be done by the GM or administrator of a forum/site, and even then I have never seen a forum where mods did not abuse their power, silencing people they didn'
  12. Right so let's change the entire game because your friend made a stupid rookie mistake. Honestly he just got to jadestone? It would be faster to delete and remake his character at that rate. You've been told how to get the insignaias. All you're doing at this point is whining. Say thank you for the help offered here, and go solve your problem, because posting over and over complaining about it isn't going to change anything. Support has generally been pretty fast (a couple of hours) with restoring items, if threads on reddit are to be believed. But by all means, continue to ignore
  13. Not sure how you misunderstood. I was pretty damn clear. Thanks kitty. This is really disgusting. And founders who bought the master pack got basically r9 for 120 bucks? This premium model is garbage. Too little reward for too long, and too much expected to get any returns on it.
  14. I have premium right now and it's expiring in 10 days. Now that the queue is gone on my server I am not sure if I should bother getting premium again. I want outfits, and NEED inventory and skill book tabs and character slots and I cannot afford to *cricket* away my money on both the premium and the stuff i need. At rank 2 the premium doesn't even give me anything worthwhile. There's really no point in having it.
  15. The chart showing the premium rewards does not indicate how many points we need to accumulate for each rank. Ex: rank 1 to rank 2 needed 28,800 points. rank 2 to rank 3 needs 13,800 points. What are the rest? Where can I see a list?
  16. You "could care less" means you DO care. Couldn't care less/ could NOT care less is the phrase you were looking for.
  17. Oh I see now. Anyway, no need to call me names because OP made a frantic post not actually explaining anything. "This guy changed the loot rules to master loot and took all the drops" would have been a lot clearer than complaining about the guy's fully upgraded gear and how much gold he has. Not sure what the OPs words in his post have to do with the complaint at all to be honest, now that it's been explained. Anyway, submit a ticket with your screenshot. You can also post it on Reddit, with the guy's name. Reddit doesn't seem to have any rules about naming and shaming, a
  18. What exactly are you complaining about? He outbid everyone else? That's how it works. No there is no penalty for someone who pays the most for every item on a run rofl.
  19. I quit tera because come end-game every dungeon was SOLELY reliant upon use of split-second iframes to get through every boss. I was extremely disappointed to see that in this game, in the last dungeon (Blackram Supply Chain) you're forced to rely on iframes to get through at least 2 of the bosses. BnS has better char creation, tera has better skills and UI customization. Tera might have genderlock but I really disliked class-race lock in this game. Extremely limiting.
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