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  1. Anyone know where you can look and see if you have any credit card information linked to your NCSoft account? I couldn't find it. This thread has me so paranoid, I just sent in a ticket asking this.
  2. Wow. Thanks for the heads up. Keep trying and I hope you get things resolved. I'd say go to your bank first.
  3. Hmm... I'd say 1.3m is a conservative estimate IMO. I would be curious to see stats on the bot to player ratio.
  4. A good game can properly manage bots as to not allow them to adversely impact the overall experience of the game.
  5. Heck yeah. Bow down to the Lyn master race.
  6. Unfortunately, no. When you died in EQ, everything including the items in your inventory were left on your corpse. You respawned with no gear and an empty inventory. The only way to not lose items was to keep them in the bank. But banks were only available and accessable in the cities. Hopefully you wouldn't die too many times getting your items back. After all, in EQ you also lost experience when dying. Maybe lose a level if you were unlucky enough to have just reached the level prior to dying. I remember running naked from Freeport to the ice dwarf city in Velious naked as
  7. Maybe RNGesus is really a Lyn?
  8. Somehow I just got a warning for naming / shaming in this post. Weird. No names here except the NPCs. But anyways, things don't seem to have changed much since I logged in back at the beginning of February. If anything, some things actually seem to have gotten worse. The big one is that optimization has actually decreased in the last month. Areas that I was originally getting 120 fps in are now struggling to hit 60 fps.
  9. So out of curiosity, I logged into a low level alt today for about 20 minutes after being away from the game since the beginning of Feb. In that 20 minutes, I blocked and reported one gold spammer in the LFP channel and at least 15 bots pathing between Foshi Pyres and the instance there with Hajoon or whatever his name is. EDIT: This is on the Soha server btw. I'd say the bot issue is still pretty severe.
  10. That is a rather backwards solution to handle afkers and bots. It's like saying "I could make this left turn. But instead I'm going to just take the next right, go a block, make another right, go another block, make another right, and finally go another block, and go straight through the original intersection."
  11. Best answer ever. lol Back to topic, I'm curious how the op came to the conclusion that NA is the cause of the gold bots. Do you have any proof to back this claim?
  12. People requested an automatic sub premium since beta. It was not forced by NCSoft. People complained about buying the premium in the shop because you had to buy more NCoins than necessary to get it. IE. You had to spend $20 on NCoin to get the $11 monthly sub.
  13. Yes. It's annoying. Even worse when it happens on my phone with a dynamic IP that constantly changes. Have to do the whole email verification thing every time. I wonder if NCSoft thinks this is a measure against the bot spam on the forums. I call it dumb.
  14. Wow. I've seen many self-contradicting arguments, but this one takes the cake. Which is it? You see tons of bots or you don't see bots?
  15. Nothing wrong with destroyers. After all, 9 out of 10 bots can't be wrong... right? NCSoft should make a slogan: "Destroyers: Kid tested, bot approved."
  16. I'm sorry. I almost missed this white knight thread among all the gold spam posts.
  17. Where have you been at for the last month? This is a daily thing in the forums. A little earlier than usual today though.
  18. Another thread requesting costumes from the EXCLUSIVE master founders pack. The answer is no. We paid $125 before we even knew how the game was going to turn out in exchange for the promise of exclusive costumes. If you wanted it, you should have paid the admission price when you had the chance. Now to respond to the person I quoted. The costumes can only be mailed between alts on the same account. They can't be traded to characters on other accounts.
  19. It doesn't really matter whether or not you want to be able to split the seller's stacks. It's the seller's right to list items they acquired in the game that they played however they want.
  20. The problem here isn't reading comprehension. The problem is with the wording of your original post. So let me paraphase it so other people understand what you're actually requesting. You're requesting that they add a feature to the marketplace that allows the buyer to sort listings by the quantity of the items being sold. I will support that idea. I do not support the idea that a seller's stacks can be split by the buyer, however.
  21. Pretty much the same lesson I walked away from BnS with. P2P is a superior business model to F2P. Games like WoW and FFXIV just feel more polished. Thanks to the $ barrier, it also acts as a line of defense against bots.
  22. Avoid playing a Lyn then. You'll end up a meter short all the time. (Oh, think I'll make a signature to that effect.) But seriously, you jump higher while you're sprinting.
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