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  1. The op is asking why the Laofang race isn't a playable race. The Laofang are the werewolves you meet in the game during the Cinderlands act. Come to think of it, there are several races that would have been cool as playable races. The ploggles, the pot dogs, and those little cannibal guys.
  2. At least it wasn't $1500 like the guy in the other thread.
  3. Man. I felt bad when I had to spend $730 replacing my hot water tank.
  4. I think it's tied to the party and clan invites. Not sure though. Can't hurt to try though right?
  5. Luckily, I only got a couple of those friend requests. I can't remember for certain but I think I went to the settings and unchecked an option to allow friend requests. I haven't seen anymore requests since.
  6. lol You shouldn't give them any ideas. They might just do it.
  7. What's wrong with quitting the game and coming on the forums? I find way more entertainment here than in the game.
  8. The game isn't really that old. Wasn't it 2012 that it launched in Korea? These graphics even in 2012 are still subpar when compared to games that launched in 2012. I don't recall the graphics being that bad in games like Rift or TERA. It gets worse when this game is trying to sell itself as a "new" game in the west trying to compete against games that were actually developed years later and released in 2016.
  9. That depends on what you're defining as graphics. I think the graphics are outdated in places. While the artstyle and costumes are pretty good, the textures used for a lot of the environments leaves to be desired. This picture was taken with all the settings maxed out. Like I said in my previous post, the textures in this game look like something from 2004.
  10. In the game's current state, there are more cons than pros for it. Bots are only one part of it. Here's a few other reasons: Bad optimization. It's 2016 and they're still using DirectX 9.0 Outdated graphics. Some terrain and objects have the texture resolution of games from 2004. Greedy cash grab. Outfit pouches, for example. The last one really isn't so much a knock against the game itself. It's a black mark against how the game is being managed.
  11. Having played all three and currently have active subs on both WoW and FFXIV as well as purchasing the master founders pack to this game, I'd say that all three games are casual friendly. Each game caters to a slightly different crowd though. WoW is the most polished. Fewest bots. FFXIV has the best story and crafting. BnS has the coolest race (/bow LynMasterRace).
  12. You know what other kind of threads are annoying? The ones that complain about the threads complaining. If you don't like a topic, then don't read it.
  13. I only briefly raided before Heavensward was released. Even then, it was only through the raid finder. I didn't complete HW yet. I kept getting sidetracked by the gathering and crafting in the game. Right now, I'm subbed to both FFXIV and WoW. But haven't had much time to do anything due to RL stuff. That said, when it comes to choosing where to allocate my free time if given the choice of FFXIV or BnS, I'd pick FFXIV. BnS was good during beta and okay during headstart. Once they opened the floodgates for the free players, it also opened the floodgates for the bots. It's be
  14. Having played both games, I'd say FFXIV is a better game by far. You'd be surprised at the stuff that p2p paywall helps with. FFXIV is just a more polished game.
  15. The bustiest class is a female Gon destroyer. Well female Gon anything really.
  16. I read the title and thought "Lyns". I was close. And yes, that outfit is pretty awesome.
  17. I thought they used babblefish or google translate for localization.
  18. I just received a response from support asking this question. Basically, the only way to check or unlink your credit card information is to send in a support ticket for billing.
  19. Oh okay. Just checking. To the op - it sucks that your bank can't give you a provisional credit. I'm actually a little surprised to be honest.
  20. You do realize that the op is talking about his real life bank account that got hacked, right? They cleaned his RL bank account out of RL money. Not gold in the game. I think at this point, in game money and items are the least of his or her concern.
  21. I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to drop this game in about 3 or so years from now. It is definitely in a sorry state at the moment.
  22. My fingers are crossed for you. Wish I could help out. I would say when this ordeal has passed, I'd give a good hard look at this bank and see about other banking options.
  23. I had a similar experience with my bank. I had made several online MMO purchases in a period of about 1 week. The bank actually declined the third purchase and sent an email requesting me to contact them to confirm the purchases made. I made sure to thank them for being so vigilant too.
  24. That horrible helpless feeling when you look in your bank account and see a $0 or even worse -$ balance due to something you can't control... Beloved hit the nail on the head with point #2. I'm surprised your bank just let those transactions go through.
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