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  1. The whole "It didn't happen to me so it must not be true." meme is tiresome. I assure you, it can and often does happen even to those who don't do anything themselves to compromise their account. I was hacked once in WoW a few years back. Not only did I not visit any shady sites or download a keylogger of any kind; my WoW account was inactive and unsubscribed for roughly 9 months when one day I got a notice that my account was banned due to suspicious activity. What happened is the hacker managed to brute force my password, and used a 7 day trial to reactivate my inac
  2. I agree on this note. There was another thread a few weeks ago where the guy actually had his checking account cleaned out as a result of a hack from this game. After I read that, I submitted a ticket and had my CC info removed. There's no way to unlink your CC account information yourself. Here's a link to the thread:
  3. Based on my observations during WoW, dps meters do bring out the elitists. I got tired of the person with the highest dps spamming the party chat with the dps count after each fight. Of course, I had a meter as well and they sure didn't post their dps in the party chat when they weren't the highest dps. In fact, here's a perfect example of why dps meters are a bad idea:
  4. As I recall, the code had to reactivated again when the game launched in January. Make sure you don't have anything left to redeem in your NCSoft account page. If you did redeem it, the items should appear in your account mailbox thing. That's all I can think of to try off the top of my head. Hope it helps.
  5. Nope. The items are a lost cause. Hope your timing is good about getting the name back. You never know if someone just happens to claim your name as soon as it's available.
  6. Nice save. I'm not sure posting your verification code provided from attempted hack on the forums is the best idea though. Hopefully you waited at least 30 minutes for the code to expire before you posted it at least.
  7. I'm keeping my names since I paid to reserve them with the founders pack. :)
  8. I just wanted to say Happy Easter all.
  9. @MortalMan Back to your other question about classes, it depends on your ping. If you have higher ping, you may find yourself at a disadvantage with certain classes. I can say that Summoner is a good high ping class.
  10. The only thing Gameguard does is mess up a lot of legitimate people using legitimate programs. You know; like firewalls, antivirus, fan controllers that actually keep computers from burning our house down, things to record our gameplay for YouTube / Twitch like NVidia Shadowplay. Gameguard also interferes with programs that come with motherboards, mice, keyboards, microphones, etc. "But it stops hackers and bots." If that were the case, I'm sure I wouldn't be reporting and blocking anywhere near the number of bots as I did when Gameguard was active. I, for
  11. The daily dash is per account per region. You can't switch characters on the same region and roll any faster, but you can switch to the other region and roll there. The boards and prizes are tracked separately.
  12. It feels like the game actually gets worse with every patch. Now my fps is struggling to stay in the 30s. My computer was playing at a solid 90 - 120 during beta and launch in the same areas back in January.
  13. So I logged in yesterday to see the state of the game after the patch. Being hyper-sensitive about the bot situation, I scanned the area around Foshi Pyres to see if I could identify any sfsdfsdf names. There were none. I thought the bot problem might actually be fixed. It's definitely looking better BUT... I did notice some Gon destroyers running in and out of the nearby instance repeatedly. Here's the kicker, I wasn't entirely sure if they were bots as the names were normal names. They still moved back and forth in a set pattern so they might have been bots in disguise. An
  14. There's not much the people in the forums can really help you with. You need to submit a ticket.
  15. This sounds an awful lot like the outfit pouch fiasco. They don't really disclose that you're using real money for something you may end up losing / not getting.
  16. In the endless daily dash, you're guaranteed to get an item every time you spin. In the event daily dash, you may not get an item if your roll is bad enough depending on your position. In the endless daily dash, once you reach the goal you just continue from the beginning again. In the event daily dash, once you reach the end, that's it. I certainly didn't have a problem reaching the end the last time we did the event board for the other costume. In fact, I rolled all the way to the end on the NA server, then rolled all the way to the end on the EU server with about
  17. I had heard rumors that the VA was done in house by the GM's and staff. Can't find proof on that though.
  18. The same two costumes but the regions have been switched. The EU costume is now on the NA dash. The NA costume is now on the EU dash. I'll probably do the same thing this time that I did last time: log into both regions just to get both versions of the costumes at once.
  19. Hmm... the ability to change costume colors. That would certainly be a feature to dye for.
  20. Tell that to the guy who spent $1500 on fabrics trying to get one of the outfits from the pouch. There need to be some ways added to this game to allow folks to get the needed fabrics without spending a small fortune on them. At least getting these costumes look like it's garunteed though.
  21. Reason(s) why BnS won't lose many players: 1) Most of the legit players have already left. 2) Most of the remaining active accounts are bots.
  22. You're forgetting that of those remaining 500k accounts, at least 50% of them are no longer active due to players getting frustrated or bored with the game since launch. I'd estimate that there are 250k players at most left that are still active.
  23. One word: bots. They didn't want bots to have a way to farm outfits to salvage into fabrics so they nerfed all the in game costumes.
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