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  1. lol @ pastry troll Now I have images of a little green guy living under a doughnut. Back to topic, I feel p2w isn't as black and white as so many make it out to be. To me, there are 50 shades of gray when it comes to p2w. Mild p2w would be what some call pay to progress. Extreme p2w would be buying that exclusive cash shop weapon with a bajillion stats. In the end, I feel any advantage acquired by using real money is some degree of p2w. Whether that advantage is cutting down grind times on something that can be acquired via in game means or that super ultra powerful armor
  2. Well, to be honest, this is a forum intended for feedback about the game. I don't see a problem with threads like these as long as some feedback about why said person is leaving is provided. You never know if NCSoft might actually look at some of them and say "Maybe there's a pattern here about why so many people are leaving."
  3. You won't find player to player support for your opinions here. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  4. In terms of pve, I'd say it's pretty casual friendly until level 45. Once you reach 45 and start trying to upgrade your gear with moonwater transformation stones, that's when the grind really kicks in. After that point, the game becomes less casual friendly and more grindy. No comments on pvp as I never really did pvp when I played this game.
  5. You mean like this thread? It's the pot calling the kettle black here. BTW, I find that a more effective way to kill a thread as opposed to downvoting is to not post on it, ignore it, and just let it die.
  6. Reporting someone offline shouldn't bring up a captcha prompt. I think offline reports could still be handled under the current system.
  7. This is actually a pretty good idea. I like it. The idea is you only can get prompted with a captcha once regardless of how many people report you within 24 hours. So the best a troll could do with this system is make you enter a captcha once per day and only if you haven't already entered a captcha within the last 24 hours. Kind of hard to abuse a system like that. Also, forcing bot accounts to spend $1 at creation won't work. I guess you haven't seen the bots with premium?
  8. You need to submit a ticket and request to have the info unlinked from your game account. It takes a couple of days.
  9. Hopefully you learned to pay more attention while bidding and don't just spam the bid button in the future. The only fault here was your's for not paying attention. I'd suggest that instead of spamming the bid willy-nilly, you actually input a bid into the bottom part of the bid window.
  10. The only way to remove credit card information once you've used a card on your account is to submit a ticket requesting them to unlink it from your account. There are no ways to remove it ourselves. I did that once I saw the thread I linked earlier straight away.
  11. There was another thread about this about a month ago. It ended up getting locked. When I get home, I'll see if I can link it. The guy had his bank account cleaned out by the hacker. EDIT: Here's the link By the way, it does not inspire confidence in a game company when issues like this are locked and simply swept under the rug. These issues are serious and deliberately leaving people ignorant of potential pitfalls like this is not really a sound business decision.
  12. Finished on NA this morning. Was on 98 with one spin left on EU and rolled a one. Have to wait until reset to finish EU tomorrow.
  13. Well, luckily you don't need to alter the client itself. I just added a few digits on the ClientConfiguration.xml file saved in the "Documents\NCWest\BnS" folder. It's just a text file that keeps a record of all the UI settings you save in the game.
  14. Ever wondered what it's like to be able to zoom out past the default max of 300? How about what the view is like at 99,999? Well, ponder no more. :oD Eh.. What can I say? I was bored.
  15. Amazing the kind of stuff you can capture when you set your view distance to 99,999.
  16. If it's any consolation, it sounds like you didn't use real money to buy the outfits to salvage for the fabrics. You would have been out a lot more than just 26g had you been the one spending real money on the cash shop outfits considering those are the only costumes that can be salvaged for fabric.
  17. Let me hit that search function for you... Plenty more where those came from.
  18. I made me a sexy Warlock. She's so pretty, I had to take the picture from low orbit to avoid getting blinded by the dazzling beauty that is my Warlock.
  19. The costume daily dash reward is limited to once per region.
  20. What email did you use to register the account? I've heard bad things about yahoo email.
  21. That's good news to hear. I didn't think there would be any issues regarding names since the names are unique per region and not server.
  22. Yep. From what I've gathered reading other threads about this issue, a 25% chance is being generous. It is indeed a blatant money grab (like dragon pouches). And worst of all, they don't really to give proper warning that the transmute can fail and eat all of your stuff save for one fabric. I'm anything but a free user. I paid $134 for the master founders pack, and used $60 worth of NCoin to extend my premium membership. As far as I'm concerned, this game is p2p for me. That makes the whole system that much worse when compared to games that actually run as p2
  23. I once got an email from an angry GM in EverQuest for leaving over 550 corpses in a starting area. I deserve a medal. On an unrelated note, you lose about 30 levels worth of experience if you die 550 or so times at level 85.
  24. Back in my day, we walked uphill to school both ways, barefoot, in 6 feet of snow... ...and we LIKED IT. Young whippersnappers these days.
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