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  1. While I certainly feel your pain about trying to level an alt or a new player trying to get through the lower level areas, I don't feel it's a good enough excuse to allow the rampant bot problem to continue. In fact, the problem you're describing is another design flaw of the game that needs to be addressed about how alt and newbie unfriendly the game has become. That's another topic for another thread though.
  2. Because the amount of bots in this game is not normal. As mentioned by others, there are tons of other MMOs out there both f2p and p2p that have a MUCH better handle of bots than BnS. Every time I see this thread subject I always point out how well the bot situation was handled by Blizzard in WoW. Go on there and count how many bots you see. I can pretty much guarantee you can count them all on one hand and have fingers left over. You'll block more bots in the first few minutes of logging into BnS then all the bots you'll encounter on WoW in a month. I've never even seen that many bots i
  3. I will most likely come back someday. Could be next daily dash, or it could be next year. Who knows?
  4. Sorry, Fido. It's for the greater good. *Put's on hockey mask and rev's chainsaw.*
  5. Actually, it would be in NCSoft's best interest from a cash perspective to ban bots that buy premium as quickly as possible. It would force the botters to buy more premium for their newly created accounts more often.
  6. EDIT: I retract my statement. I see where FrostWolf mentioned p2w now. That said, I do agree with the cash grab part.
  7. I actually did get hacked by someone who used bot programs and cleaned out my inventory once in WoW. The account was inactive and unsubbed for ~9 months. One day 9+ months later, I get an email notice from Blizzard that my WoW account was banned because 3rd party programs were detected on the account. I filed a ticket and immediately changed my password. The old password was a mix of upper case letters, lower case letters, and numbers so it wasn't a brain dead easy password. Though I did increase the difficulty substantially afterwards and added an authenticator after I filed a ticket to
  8. There are plenty of ways to have your account compromised without doing anything wrong on your part. I wouldn't go around assuming that it's automatically the victim's fault without proof. You know what they say about people who ass-u-me stuff.
  9. 1. Yes, there are gathering a crafting professions. They're just like garrison missions in WoW. Click a button, wait a bit of time, and click another button when the time is elapsed. Rinse and repeat. The one exception is that in gathering, you need to unlock the material you want to "collect" by finding at least one node in the world first. Don't expect to craft anything good if you're doing it by yourself on a single character. The best you can do is craft some basic materials required for more advanced recipes which require an army of alts or a player guild of crafters. Don't expect
  10. I give the game a score of 4/10. The game has potential but as it's currently being managed, that potential is being squandered. Pros: +Art style +Environments +Quick leveling +Quests are pretty good even if they are rather cookie cutter in design. +Lyns +Wide variety of outfits that have good detail and physics to them. Lot's of them can be had in the game without shelling tons of money. +Soul shields and your weapons / accessories are the basis of your stats rather than the costumes. This allows you to wear whatever costumes you'd like withou
  11. That must be a new feature they added. I never received such a prompt when I bought my founder's pack. If you purchased anything prior to them adding it, then your info is linked to your account automatically without your consent. The only way to remove linked information is to submit a ticket and have them remove it for you. To be honest, I don't think the credit card information is getting leaked though. I think the real issue is NCSoft's lax security when it comes to NCoin purchases. The hacker just spam buys NCoins cleaning out whatever bank account happens to be linked to
  12. ^This. It's not worth the trouble. I'd file the chargeback and just eat the ban. Clearly NCSoft doesn't need our money.
  13. I second bandicam. It's a good recording program. For whatever reason, I wasn't able to get shadowplay to work after the first patch after the game went live. I used to record with it during the betas though.
  14. Sadly, you're not the first person to have their bank accounts cleaned out this way. I'd get in touch with your card issuer and dispute the charges. Also, make sure you make the ticket. Good luck and I hope for the best. EDIT: This is why I made my own ticket and removed my credit card info from the NCSoft account. I won't trust NCSoft to keep my money safe and where it belongs: in my bank account.
  15. Slightly bot related but a little OT, something's been bothering me when I see a post about bots containing names get censored by a mod to say "-Moderated Content-" like the op of this thread. So I'm just going to vent it here. To the mods: "adfsdf" is NOT a name. Therefore, posting pictures of bots in the game named "asdfsf" is not "naming and shaming". That would require an actual name. Furthermore, if as many resources were actually put into handling these bots as there is censoring legitimate complaints about them on the forums, we'd have far fewer bots (maybe).
  16. The reason is because these people probably have to make new accounts since the hackers have hijacked their normal accounts in order to post on the forums. While I believe that a portion of the breaches are occurring due to the reasons you mention above, I doubt it's a majority of the cases. There are just way too many reports for this to be the user's fault everytime. I also have to point out that sharing a password between games is not very likely to be a culprit unless the other game gets hacked and the hacker correctly guesses the same player also plays this game using the
  17. Some are exclusive costumes like the founders pack ones (high noon, east meets west, and transcendence / surpass) or from special events like the two daily dash ones (regium corvius, night luna). And the warlock leveling event costume. Most of the ones you see in the wardrobe are rotated in and out of the cash shop periodically.
  18. Use the search function and search "torrent". You'll find the other big thread about torrent downloads for the game.
  19. Considering how many people are getting HACKED at once, I doubt that they all happened to get keylogged or visited shady sites. Unless you can show me proof that everyone getting hacked actually downloaded something or visited a shady site then I call your post BS. To the op, I was thinking it was yahoo email related but not sure.
  20. Then let me rephrase since I'm one of those "them" you mentioned. I would find it insulting to me since I paid $125+tax on the master founders pack partially on the promise of exclusive items included in it. So don't try talking like you're speaking for those who bought the founder's packs.
  21. No. As I've said in the countless threads about this topic, if you wanted it, you should have bought the founder's pack. It's an insult to those of us who shelled out $125+tax on the promise that the stuff in them is exclusive.
  22. "I shall hug it, and squeeze it, and call it George."
  23. I had that error message once after getting stuck in a sign in loop. I'd say it's the forums that are acting up. But try the account management page first to see if you still get the error message there.
  24. All items need unpacked before you can take them out of the mailbox. There's a button at the bottom of the mail page you click on for unpacking items.
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