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  1. Another problem I noticed was the lack of the number of voice actors they had. The same person trying to voice 25 different characters doesn't help.
  2. On the Soha server, my queue time is around 3 seconds.
  3. It's quite easy to hit 45 in just a couple of days. As mentioned, some people hit it in just 15 hours played. I was able to hit 30 in 7.5 hours on the first day of headstart. And thanks to taking a vacation day on Friday, the weekend, the Monday holiday, and premium membership which allowed me to completely skip the queues as well as bonus xp earned. I hit 45 last night. Friday - 7.5 hours and level 30 Saturday - 6 hours and level 38 Sunday - 6 hours and level 43 Monday - 6 hours and level 44 Tuesday - 2 hours and stayed at level 44 Wednesda
  4. If it's the dailies I think you're talking about they are not inside an instanced dungeon. They are actually outside.
  5. There was a huge thread about this back on the beta forums. It was changed because people complained that they couldn't see the body during character customization.
  6. You can buy it here: I wonder how many times I'll be making this post across different threads.
  7. I'd recommend that if you're having large queues, consider making your characters on less populated servers. Avoid Mushin, Pohlong (or however it's spelled), and Jiwan on the NA side. Avoid Windrest on the EU side. There's one other on the EU side but I can't remember it. The other option to help reduce queues is to purchase a premium membership. Considering it is just a few days after the launch of a highly anticipated game, the queues will most likely go away after a few weeks. At least on the lower populated servers.
  8. Yep. With the launch client. The CBT client was only for the CBT phases.
  9. At first, I wasn't too keen on the bid system. But then I thought about it and realized that if I don't win the item, I get money. A win for everyone.
  10. I saw a bunch of bots throughout headstart. They were already in the game before the f2p folks.
  11. I'm left handed and have no problems with the game's controls.
  12. The CBT client doesn't work. You need to uninstall it and download the launch client. Should be stickied on the forum.
  13. Avoid playing on alts and focus on a single character first. That's how I did it. Level 40 last night. Hope to hit cap either today or tomorrow.
  14. Try another server. Windrest is the most overpopulated server right now. You shouldn't have to deal with queues anywhere near that for the other servers. If any queues at all. Correction: Windrest is the most overpopulated EU server right now. Mushin is the most overpopulated server of all.
  15. Here's another way to look at the queue times on Mushin. Think about how many hours you're sitting there staring at the queue. How far do you think you could progress if you just skipped the queue and played on a different server? How far could you get in 3.5 hours? 5 hours? 10 hours? I personally got to level 30 in about 8 hours with a 30 minute break for dinner in there. I consider myself pretty casual.
  16. I saw an official post on another thread that said they will be rotating which servers you can create characters on every few hours.
  17. This has been an issue though out the betas. Some things to remember: 1) The game is CPU intensive. It renders npcs and players even when they're not on your screen. The highest npc draw distance in the game settings is really far too. 2) The game is not optimized that well for newer machines running Windows 8.x or 10. It tends to run smoother on Windows 7. Same deal with Direct X. BnS prefers DirectX 9 rather than the newer DirectX versions.
  18. WOW! That is unbelievable! Amazing even! Destroyers are bottom choice for classes.
  19. I find a lot of the English voice acting a little... off. I can't really put my finger on it. Having stone statues yelling at me in a proper British accent is a little weird.
  20. I think one of the biggest reasons Mushin is so popular is because it was one of the original beta servers. So the people who played the betas just went back to a server they already played on before. It's why I decided to avoid it when the game went live for headstart. As it's been said, there are plenty of other servers to pick from. Many of them without any queues at all. I can't wait to see the mess come Monday night when it officially launches for the non founder folks.
  21. I'm glad I picked Soha for name reservation too. No queues here.
  22. Hopefully NCSoft will consider having a person just work full time banning bots and gold spammers.
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