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  1. now i have to ask: what build? Do we have builds now? We have ice and fire. And only 2-3 skills we can choose...
  2. why do u even update it? never in my life got updates for my windows's
  3. havent seen those kind of badges. Only -7-8s and only IF success some other shit. And im not a whale and nolifer. I dont think i will have any badge in near future. 3 fight in arena and it make me sick.
  4. Yeah.. im really dissapointed about my fm too. No heal no F's. Cold snap only once and cd 30s... Idk what should i do in those 30s in frost mode?..
  5. i cry and Riping my fm. More dmg doesn't make me fell Satisfied with this new shit
  6. and Glasial beem aka Ice rain works weard...
  7. and healing on F also gone? That was my saving stuff. Now... idk what now
  8. the most thing effecting the prices is ncsoft and their trove/shop events
  9. so should i hope buff for ice build? finally?
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