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  1. ok TY for the fast response
  2. Hey guys i would like to no what is the most used server by english speaking EU players. I am from the UK thanks, Also what is the better faction =D
  3. Any news on this or a date for Europe ?
  4. I said i didn't care about pvp i would check that out myself, I guess i worded it wrong , I still PvP i was just saying i can check that myself. Just wanted a fast response on the pve aspect of the game but its fine i can also check that myself,
  5. Thinking about returning and wanted to no a couple of things about PvE , i do not care about PvP i will check that out myself. Whats the best in terms of Dps now , i have been told there is a form of DPS meter now in game so can someone tell me without any trolling. How is the grind now after you finish the story , I.E for Hongmoon levels and weapon grinds etc. What is a good server for a english speaking player with a good community,If so whats the best faction for that server. Thanks in advance.
  6. Ok i quit playing a while ago when sogun lament was released and my sin was around 570ap at the time, i invested a long time into the weapon grind etc. I have a couple questions because i am thinking about making a fresh char and maybe playing again. 1. is the weapon and gear grind still so damn insane>? 2. Is the servers still infested with bots in arena etc? 3. Which classes are good at soloing is it still like Sin ? 4. Are the events still p2w and allow you to open boxes to get items that are needed for upgrades ? Thanks any info would b
  7. Are they legal or illegal to use? I am talking about the macro usage you can get via razer synapse or roccat software etc . For example doing BW for a hour spamming 2 or 3 buttons gets tiring and also plays havoc on fingers etc. So i would like to no if this is a way to get banned or is it allowed. Sorry if this has already been answered in previous posts,
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