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  1. EU or NA ?

    Actually the French gaming market is considerably smaller than the UK's, an German's is a tiny fraction bigger. http://www.statista.com/statistics/308454/gaming-revenue-countries/
  2. Experience Rate Needs Adjustment

    The game isn't launching with 46-50 content, as far as I'm aware so kind of irrelevant to the discussion at the moment. Also I don't think exp rates are higher because of CBT.
  3. I decided to level through to 45 during this closed beta, so I could get an informed opinion on this. But at the moment it seems the EXP rate needs some slight adjustments. As of right now the only benefit of premium from an experience standpoint (leaving the other stuff aside) is causing your character to be overleveled in zones. That's not really all that beneficial, if anything I'd consider it a negative. I'm not talking about major changes to experience rates, but if you're going to have premium as an actual service. Then the increased experience should actually mean something. Right now I'm in Highland Necropolis an I'm already about it hit 45, with plenty of quests/zones to go. Maybe a small decrease of 10-20% in experience gain would be enough to adjust the current content. Because as I said, there really isn't a tangible benefit to premium from an experience standpoint at the moment. Premium memberships will be in large part what funds the operation of this game in the west. So it seems silly that the only benefit you currently get out of it, from an experience standpoint is making you overleveled. That's at least my opinion on the situation, I know that experience rates go up further as your premium level increases. So it's hard to adjust it to suit everyone, still I think even with premium membership rank 1 you're going to be overleveled for content.
  4. I have to agree, while it's not a problem & I don't even need to Google PST times nowadays. It is highly unprofessional when you want to present yourself as a multi-regional business. European communities do pick up on these kind of things, if they start noticing a lot of favoritism towards the NA playerbase. It's a quick way to lose your EU server population. That's what happened in Sky Forge recently.

    Please at least take a cursory look at the front page of the forums before creating a new thread... https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forums/index.php?/topic/138004-welcome-to-blade-soul-closed-beta-download-the-client-here/ You download the client from that thread, you'd of known that if you had of bothered to read before posting.
  6. Can't get into the game.

    Are you serious... There's a million topics covering this, their servers will be up in about 2 hours.
  7. The game is viable on mac ?

    What are the specs of your Mac, ignore the egg heads that don't know that a Mac & a PC use the same hardware.
  8. Need some tech help

    Yeah they should really get on the ball & send the keys out a few days prior, luckily I patched mine yesterday to avoid issues like this.
  9. Actually the title says "agfter release", however I was merely the discussing the advantages of having it on steam at some point. Although obviously at the moment that wouldn't be ideal. At no point did I direct my comment towards anyone in disagreement.
  10. They advantages to having the game on steam is a much bigger audience. However putting it on steam before the game officially launches is also a bad idea. The servers simply aren't up enough at the moment, better to wait to at least early access before adding this to the steam library.
  11. Yep they go up at 6PM of us in the UK I believe, 7PM for most of Europe.
  12. It's clearly outlined here: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/premium-membership/ Your friend still start at rank 4, while you'll start at rank 2 I believe. Although you won't get any of the benefits unless you purchase a premium membership.
  13. Censorship is the best word we have in the English language to describe the allegations in this thread against NCSoft. It's a word they use themselves when describing what they wouldn't do. You can argue pointlessly over the dictionary definition, but when people talk about censorship in the thread nobody is mislead. It's simply the most accurate & effective manner of describing the problems some people have in this thread. The English language is constantly evolving an certain words are becoming more prominent. We live in the age of the Internet, censorship is a word used almost constantly. As long as people are discussing a topic & there's no miscommunication, because they're interrupting words differently. There's no reason to even look at the dictionary, it's simply a distraction at that point. This isn't the 50's where people who are happy & joyful describe themselves as gay. The meanings of words are constantly changing, evolving & expanding. So debates of this manner just serve as a pointless distraction.
  14. When the localisation team went to work localising the Korean client they stated they wouldn't censor the western version of Blade & Soul. I'm not sure what bizarre mental gymnastics you had to go through to reach your conclusion. But rest assured, the entire forum lost a couple of IQ points along with you.
  15. To be honest I think this whole debate is riddled with to many ideologues, as I have made it clear earlier I have far more respect for camp that's against censorship period. An have very little respect 3rd wave feminists & SJW's pushing a censorship agenda. I still don't think either side is particularly realistic. From what I understand there has been very little editing to the source material of this game. What has been edited might of been for all the wrong reasons. But we're kidding ourselves if we think these few things are seriously going to impact our enjoyment. These's are quests that a lot of people skip anyway, a lot don't even pay attention to the story. Furthermore a good story has never been the foundation of a great MMORPG. It's the core gameplay, art style & depth of content that'll make of break this title. Story is of course important, but I remain unconvinced the SJW's have done nearly enough damage to make the experience much less enjoyable. My take away is honestly... Let them think they won, it'll stop them hurting themselves & others in the long run. It's true ultra political correctness is destroying our education systems & degrading our media. However fighting a massive battle over a few quest edits isn't worth the effort. You'll never get 100% of the pie, we have to share this game with these fools sadly. Better to take 95% an let them revel in their mindless joy about how they censored a tiny portion of the overall experience. Although I doubt this debate has any real impact on the story honestly.