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  1. My friends are running the new high level dungeons and they're seeing leechers/afkers already - on day one! Can we please have that kick feature?
  2. Basically what happens is there's a chance that when you root a mob using the 2 skill, the mob will evade, reset, and immediately re-engage. This has been happening in Mushin's tower and usually results in the Warlock's death. My most recent encounter with this was fighting the boss on floor 3 only to have him reset at 3%. It is incredibly frustrating, please fix this.
  3. BSH - Blood Mane

    So, I'm a Blade Master and I'm the tank for my group. I feel I've started to get a good grasp on Blood Mane mechanics but I noticed last night that his jabs (normal attacks) are doing around 8k to 10k each hit which is pretty painful. Do you guys Q/E, Block all of his attacks, including the jabs? I thought that just blocking the Spin, Roar, and iFraming the red circle would be enough, but those jabs slowly, but surely, kill me.
  4. Abuse of pvp clothes.

    Dude, put on a different outfit then. There are what, dozens of outfits and maybe 6 or 8 PvP outfits. Hell, putting on a PvP outfit that isn't Red/Blue would drastically reduce your chances of being killed. You are literally opting into PvP and complaining about it.
  5. New RNG Box in Shop!

    An approach that would make most people happy then would be to put the outfit up for a normal price and put in the RNG box with a high enough chance that people could play the odds without it being stupid. Of course, that would mean RNG boxes would make far less money and obviously that's no good in NCSoft's eyes.
  6. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Throwing in my 2 cents. I think RNG boxes (Gacha Boxes) are a garbage practice and have no place in games. They always are attempts at making extra money off of an item than they think they could get away with. Someone on my server already bought 80 boxes and didn't get the costume, which isn't surprising. Obviously, they couldn't put a price tag of $150 on a single costume so they put it in these boxes with a ridiculously low drop rate. It's lame, it's shady, and it's disrespectful to the player base. Do not buy these boxes, they only lead to disappointment.
  7. Obsidian Serpent

    Yep, I got it a few days ago. The boss herself drops the outfit. In other words, after she dies, she should drop a chest on the ground. That chest can contain the outfit or the mask.
  8. For the quest, "Into the Tomb" gained from Soul Wardens Mungong, his spoken dialogue doesn't match the text at all. The two are entirely different.