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  1. About RNG!!!!

    So my definition of RNG is, if there's an item that drops from a dungeon but It's hard to get as a drop and it has a lower percentage of dropping than most items is considered rare right? I'm being told is not rare, is rng and I'm not getting what rng means, since I seem to have it wrong I would love it if you guys can explain to me what exactly is "RNG" aside from the name that's "random number generator". Also My 10+ years of MMORPG Has taught me one thing and that is even if there is RNG for every dungeon there is normally an average of times you run a dungeon that an Item will drop, but thats not always the case because some people will get it in there first run and other will get it in there 50+ run, but there is an average of run's you will do to get the item.
  2. server mt now?

    Server is back online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Launcher start up time

    No I haven't, I'm doing it now. Lets see what happens, hopes it gets faster.
  4. Launcher start up time

    Is it normal after you log into the launcher with email/password and than click play for it to take about 10 to 15 minutes for the game to start after clicking play?
  5. what to do once hit 50?

    @Reeko1 i see ty ty, oh hey which way is the fastest to get soulstones, moonstones? honestly i never gotten a moonstone before.
  6. what to do once hit 50?

    @Reeko1 lol you posted the same reply a 2nd time
  7. what to do once hit 50?

    @Reeko1could you tell me what stats i need for Asura/Twister Soul Shield Dungeons plz? i kinda look at that set and wish i had it.
  8. what to do once hit 50?

    I got 397 AP FM yet this is my 6th or 7th day playing since i came back so i only got the set of back then which is Lab/Bloodshade soul shield set, also been told by a very good FM 475 AP and well geared that i needed more AP to do Yeti yet having the same rotation as him we both fought each other for Aggro well i was surprised that he was having a hard time holding aggro over me seen that he got 80 AP over me and more of everything in total, then i was in Lair vs a 521 AP FM well geared, i mean i wish i had her gear and well i ended up tanking the last 2 bosses which are the most important after finishing lair i was surprised i took her aggro. I would love some insight in what dungeon's to do so i can stop been look down on, People base others in AP but i AP ins't everything.
  9. I don't know what was offensive of it honestly. i back you up on that i normaly spend countlest hours just testing out my builds for highest possible DPS on every game with a dps meter for me thats fun. since my main 3 classes are FM,WL,SIN Last i checked their the top 3 damage dealers.
  10. Thank you for the damage meter like the title said and i mean it, i left Blade and Soul to go to Skyforge even though Blade and Soul is my favorite game because of the damage meter back in april 2016. i mean i was always under geared and when i played with Super geared people they would look down at me and when i passed them through the dungeon , in other words "labyrinth" which was one of the end game dungeons back then, they would friend me or just leave because i made them look bad, it was rare to get a good group anyways in the end it got tiring doing all that work without knowing how much i actually did. so with this now i can actually know were i stand.
  11. Honestly sometimes i get disconnected 3 times a day up to 5 so whats going on?? is not my internet because i check the connectivity every time and well i play super smooth this is just not right, i had it this last time i was on lab last boss and i got DC in cross server log in and i can't join my party, really it pissed me off fix it.
  12. Broken classes

    am sorry if this sounds bad but the feeling i got from your post that your mad but in a cry baby way. again am sorry thats the way i understood it. but i get about the summoner, and well the force master 4 second stun OMG WHICH skills is it i really want to know because the longest i've seen on anything from a force master be that a stun,daze, knockdown is 2 seconds tops so i would love to know that 4 second one it will help me a lot. another thing force masters are squishy there glass cannons they got no defense they die quick. my guild always telling me i die too fast but i do a crap ton of damage thats the class a very strong damaging class with no defense.