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  1. Hey hey everyone! Exciting times here at Eterna. Our Clan 1 has reached Rank/Level 10!!! This means we have a lot more space and we are now finally down to just two clans :D We are having great turnouts with our events and tons of fun. We had a Valentine's Day event where some lucky members got the V-Day outfits for free! Come check us out today at www.eternagaming.com and see why you should be part of this awesome community.
  2. Hello everyone!! Eterna Gaming Community is officially recruiting once again for our Blade & Soul Division! A lot of new and exciting things are happening lately. We have completed our first full three weeks and a lot has happened here at Eterna. We have had guild events ranging from PvP tournaments, guild photos, lyn launching events, clan-wide activities and much more! We have recently introduced scheduled events for the clan and we will now be doing things as a clan even more. If you are a looking for a place where you can be part of a friendly and fu
  3. Hey hey everyone! I just wanted to say how proud I am to be part of Eterna! We are all really active in the first week of launch. So many people always online and having fun together every night. We are doing really great on leveling up the clan and making some great accomplishments. If you are someoen who is reading this who doesn't have a clan yet, then come take a look at Eterna! We won't have space for much longer so get in here! :D
  4. Hello! Welcome to Poharan ;D The first thing you will want to do is to go here: http://www.eternagaming.com Sign up for an account there and then go to http://www.eternagaming.com/communityapp to fill out an application. Once you have submitted an application it will be reviewed by the Blade & Soul officers and you will get a message whether or not you have been approved. After that, there is information on our forums for TeamSpeak so that you can come chat with us and we can let you know whatever else you need to do!
  5. Hello ImNobody, There are certain times of the day in which the servers are closed to new players. You can view the schedule here: ------ I just wanted to post and let the Blade & Soul community know that Eterna is an awesome clan and group of people. We have a lot of fun every day, not just in the game but also doing things like karaoke, boardgame online, cards against humanity nights and many different things. I have been with this group for a little over 6 months and they have really grown on me. You never have to worry about having people to play wi
  6. I understand getting rid of a lot of different topics that pertained to issues and questions during the testing periods, downtimes, and other such things. It is clutter that is no longer needed and data that can be freed up. However, @Youmukon, I am wondering if you wouldn't mind also checking with the Web Team if it would be possible to not delete the threads in the Clan Recruitment section. Many clans have worked hard on their recruitment posts and there are a lot of good memories there that allow new players to get an idea of what kind of clan it is through the forums. It would be a shame
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