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  1. Why is our Mushin-8 twice as hard?!

    I'm not sure if this is what happened or not, but in many games what I tend to see happen is that as new content comes out that developers want to make much harder than prior content they will start nerfing the old content so that they don't have to make the new content have way more stats/difficulty than the current. For instance, players are still struggling with Junghado on Floor 7. They have now released Floor 8 and Naryu Lab. If they do another content release/dungeon and make it way harder than Naryu/Floor 8 then players who are still struggling with Junghado will be screwed because they're never going to be able to catch up if they can't pass their current barrier. Thus, as new content is released I've found that a lot of games either 1) Give you way better gear that makes doing older content super easy or 2) Nerf the older content. So, I'm wondering if the developers in the other versions didn't nerf the earlier floors of Mushin's Tower as new floors came out.
  2. I sent gold to my alt yesterday to help it get geared up for the leveling event and in the Mail I actually wrote: "NCSoft -- I'm just sending gold to my alt. Please don't ban me." The fact that I felt the need to do that.... *facepalm*
  3. The OP could say it in a better way, yes, but it doesn't change the fact that someone with 330 AP does not likely have their full bopae set either and shouldn't be in there. I went into BSH 6-man last night with a pug and I was the only one with more than 400 AP (424 at the time). The rest had anywhere from 315-370. We managed to complete it, but as a FM I had to do most of the tanking and the rest of the party died countless times. Naryu is harder than that. It's not too much for players to expect an actually legitimate system of blocking out people who are too weak to run it from the cross-server. Let them run it all they want with a pre-formed group of randoms, friends, or clan members but they should not be able to queue up in the cross-server dungeon finder unless they actually meet a standard and Dokumo/Infernal should NOT be that standard.
  4. I feel like dungeons should unlock in F8 Dungeon Finder based on your Attack Power, not the weapon equipped. If you want to go in sooner than you have the AP for, then you can go in manually with a group formed outside of the cross-server finder.
  5. Free char slot for WL?

    Purchase it from the Hongmoon Store for free (it has 0 cost and limit of 1 purchase). They didn't advertise it very well
  6. Ruby useless?

    If "I was wondering why anyone would buy those trash, but ah I see now" was meant to be sarcasm.... You're doing it wrong.
  7. The issue is just that, though. For every player that decides "oh, they aren't doing anything so I'll just stop reporting them" then that's one less report on that character and the chances are less and less that they will be auto-banned by the system. Perhaps they should do more to ban the bots themselves and look into the reports, yes, but if we can get the bots banned ourselves by many of us reporting them then it falls on the players to also be responsble to block spam them. And anyway..... Why wouldn't you do Block Spammer on them anyway? I sure as hell don't want to see that crap flooding my faction chat so I block them regardless of whether I think NCSoft is doing anything because then at least I don't have to look at their spam.
  8. They've already stated multiple times that they aren't going to waste their time banning every individual bot they see. They're looking for a permanent, overall solution to the problem that will keep them gone once banned. It takes almost no time whatsoever for a botter to make a new account and character when one is banned. Imagine a boss that heals 100 HP per second and you only deal 90 damage per second. You will never kill it because it will just regenerate all of the damage you do. If you ran into a situation like that, what would you do? You'd look for a way to stop that regeneration so that it doesn't recover from the damage you do. Continuing to poke it without stopping the regeneration is lunacy. Keep in mind though, that once a player has been Block Spammer'd enough times they get automatically banned from the game and must get a GM/Customer Service to unban them. So, while they aren't going to waste actual manpower banning the bots themselves, they have auto-ban systems (however annoying for legit players) in place if you continue reporting them until they figure out a better solution.
  9. Ruby useless?

    See my post above this one and refer here: They do not do the exact same thing and Attack Power will make a huge difference in the long run. Always, always go with Attack Power over AD.
  10. Ruby useless?

    I'm going to have to respectffully disagree with your statement that "Ex. diamond with additional damage 25 really just equals diamond with about AP 14". Please refer here: Additonal Damage (unless in the case of the skill damage multiplier being less than 100%) will NEVER be as useful as Attack Power so even if you can't afford the +25 AP gem, get the one that you can afford. After a single day of dailies you could easily afford at least the +7 AP one which would still be better than Add Dmg 25.
  11. Except the only thing they need to do to get us on board with the other versions in order to participate in eSports (which is what they're rushing for) is all of the classes being released, having the same levels (50 and HM20), and to be on the same skill patch. They could honestly do w/e the crap they wanted with any of the PvE items as far as stats, upgrade requirements, etc and it wouldn't make a lick of difference for Arena PvP and tournaments as long as we had the same number of levels, classes, and same skill patch as the other versions.
  12. Best ways to farm BSH SS?

    That's not a bad idea if you're waiting for Warlock. Just make sure to get your weapon to True Pirate Stage 10 before the 50 patch and focus on that.
  13. Best ways to farm BSH SS?

    These are your options as I see it: 1) Get your Moonwater Arena set from faction isnignias and use that instead (way better than the valor set and if you fuse crit onto it it's not super terrible). You will then be able to do 24-man BSH with ease. 2) If you can defeat Junghado, farm your Endless Tower set from Mushin's Tower and use that one until you get the optimal set. Keep in mind that as of this patch/that level you will want Endless Tower 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and BSH 3, 5, 7 for your set so you're going to have to do Mushin Tower anyway. With the new patch there is a lot of debate about how to go with your soul shields but I will personally be going Mushin 1, 2, 3, Naryu 4, BSH 5, Naryu 6, BSH 7, Naryu 8. You lose 90 Crit over the "recommended" build but you gain almost 5,000 HP so I'll take the 1.67% loss to my critical chance for the 15% boost in my HP.
  14. Because the resources needed to upgrade the legendary weapons are not currently in the game. There are resources required that will come with later areas as well as a much larger quantity of certain current resources (like soulstones and gold). They're not going to dilute the requirements on legendaries as the point of them is to give players something to do in-between patches and a giant gold sink. The reason it would be P2W is that because resources that are not released yet due to not having the area are needed for the upgrades, their only choice would be to put those resources into the cash shop so that we could get them (Pay 2 Win as it would only be obtainable in the cash shop).
  15. But again, while what he interpreted and said was wrong, that doesn't mean the source he provided was wrong. He gave you a reliable souce, just misunderstood the source and gave you wrong info.