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  1. Rude, unacceptable Support behaviour

    I believe you could work for NC soft support,you are rude enough! You did exactly the rudest think any customer representative can ever do,and that is: reply for the sake of replying and posting for the post count,as to meet a daily quota,WITHOU READING THE TEDT YOU REPLY TO! if you would have read my post,you would have seen that I said they closed and merged my ticket into a DIFFERENT,CLOSED,SOLVED AND UNRELATED old ticket ,not that I ....uh oh spammed them So,thank you for your input(nothing) and have a nice day In the meantime,can one of them mods here help me please?
  2. Hello For an entire week now support has closed one of my tickets without reply and stated that they merged it to another ,Closed and solved and UNRELATED ticket! I feel like I am trapped in an endless loop if submitting my ticket,wait 24 hours for a reply ,which is the same damned "your ticket has been merged and closed to " First of all,HOW DARE YOU???! Second,is there an email address to report specific customer representative behaviours? It is the same 2 specific "GM" s that keep doing this How is this even allowed? Has support been given to giraffes? Do you simply not care? Is this a game that the said 2 GM's are playing with me,as a test of wills to see who gives up first? WHAT THE HELL?! I could punch a kitten right now and it's your fault Rude and unacceptable!
  3. Remove "Advance to start" from Daily Dash

    here's an idea, that should be immediately applied to the daily dash starting with tomorrow's maintenance @ BOTH "Advance to start" and "Complete one round" have a very peculiar animation : they tick every spot on the map , so, in lieu of that, advance to start and complete one round, should be made so they give you everything they "tick" on , i have always imagined this was how they're supposed to work! the way we have it now, why make it tick step by step on every map spot if ....it does nothing ? why not just teleport to start , or in the case of complete one round simply make another "double your reward" since that is what it basically IS ? why the need for a different animation ? just dust in the eyes of the player, "oh ...look...you got this ....doesn't matter if it does the same exact thing as the other ( double your reward) i mean look at this shiny animation waaaaaa"
  4. Error 207 -server under maintenance

    does anyone have a phone number for bns tech support? i'd rather call them than wait 13 hours plus between replies , especially when the replies are " ermmm try again" without anything done other than letting time pass
  5. Error 207 -server under maintenance

    day 3 , log entry 2075534 will someone ever help me?! will anyone ? will someone compensate me for the lost premium time ? what is this error 207 ? the ticket reply simply assumed "hey, maintenance was today you dumbass....of course you couln't login" completely ignoring when the ticket was open, what the error is about and what should be done that gm just said "❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ my head hurts, let this dumbass wait another day ,someone else deal with it i say PASS" hello? do you employ giraffes as TECH support? this is unacceptable, 3 days , 2 computers , 2 accounts , error 2 bloody oh 7 ya'll on these forums cry and complain how this and that event is crap and dungeon is too hard coz reasons , i can't even see it... HELLO?!? one of the first things i learned in tech support was "NEVER assume the problem solved itself" as in , never reply to a ticket with "try again i think maybe it should work even though we haven't did 1 single step to try and troubleshoot this for you" even before learning that, in day 1 of the tech support training course , there was something even more mysterious and profound : " READ ....THE.....BLEEEEEEEEPING TICKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET"
  6. didn't you notice ? they never do it that way on stream they always use GM weapons that 1 hit of course it ends up like this
  7. Error 207 -server under maintenance

    here is the glorious reply after 12 hours wait time for my ticket reply ticket was open 2 days ago , receiving 1 reply as " we don't believe you have an issue anymore, try connecting again" this is the 3rd reply just 10 minutes ago " Today at 18:33 Hello, Thanks for the update. Previously, the Blade and Soul servers were offline for scheduled maintenance. Kindly try logging in again and if the issue still persists, please attached an updated WinMTR file again since the one you have submitted is incomplete. We look forward hearing back from you. Regards, EDITED NCSOFT Support Team i'm at a loss for words
  8. Error 207 -server under maintenance

    i have tried so many different approaches to deal with this and no joy any enlightened mind here that could help? maybe others had this issue before ?
  9. Error 207 -server under maintenance

    i've been struggling with this since yesterday support is slow to answer, and in the meantime i finished pretty much every bloody "fix" i found in all these forums now, i am in game atm , somehow worked after i uninstalled the NC game launcher ( the nc launcher, not bns game installation!!) and reinstalled a fresh copy of it however my game is VERY weird , i cannot chat in any channel , least i got in to no avail tho, because i missed 8 frozen mushrooms yesterday , i can no longer get 60 for another pet pot, i'll be 8 short /fury NEVERMIND , while even replying to this post , saying i got in the game closed by itself without warning , and now i'm back to square 1 it really feels like someone at Frankfurt is playing with me , randomly terminating my connection and ip banning for chuckles meanwhile, it's been many hours since the last support ticket reply, to a connection issue , i thought these get priority no?
  10. Hello everyone, since yesterday i find myself unable to connect to bns EU , failing with an error 207 "server under maintenance" message after the one time code thingy clearly my internet works as i am ...well here right now ,this seems to be an issue with my connection to the eu server for BNS , as when i tried to change region to US it works every time i connect from germany, not even 250 km from where the server is supposed to be located any help on the matter would be appreciated, this is causing me grief, as i will now not have enough mushrooms to get my final pet pod due to missing 1 day of the dungeon p.s. i have already searched the forums, and all topics related to this issue and error number only seem to have the complainer post and absolutely no replies which...is silly , seems it's been happening sporadically during the entire of 2016/17 i am curios weather there are any other players experiencing this issue
  11. Maintenance

    oh , i searched and searched, even went to outside sources such as twitter and yet i cannot find any announcement about a maintenance occurring today ? yet when i try to login it says "server currently under maintenance " what gives? did someone step on the poor little jinsoyun power hamster again? hmm....it appears the hamster just needed a break..poor thing ( aka ...nevemind, the surprise maintenance sems to be done )
  12. BUYING Ncoin

    not always Support's reply to my 1st ticket was unrelated " when you want to change address make sure there are no special characters like period or comma " followed by a swift "resolved" mark then the second ticket got a related reply, pretty much copy paste of what you said about general security checks , saying the restriction is now lifted , followed by another swift ticket solved mark of course, i still can't buy ncoin what do you think this is ? support? !
  13. BUYING Ncoin

    same issue, when i try to buy with paypal , it doesn't go through "try again" or use credit card ticket answer was " when trying to change your billing address you cannot use special characters like period,comma, etc" merry whaaat? o.O
  14. Lost Continent Pack Key Giveaway

    say for example you're exactly on the page where the bns keys are described top left of the page you should have a big number ( article up/downvotes ) under that number you should have links to share on fb /twittier and so on ,just click on one,facebook for example, facebook popup shows up , close it , that is enough, you don't even have to actually share it
  15. Lost Continent Pack Key Giveaway

    it actually takes less than 5 minutes to get level 2 , use up your 50 comments upvotes , also the daily quest for today is to share an article to social media ,fb/twitter etc doing all these gets you exactly 15 points so lvl 2 ~~ 6k keys left so no need for panic