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  1. Codex ♦ Hardcore PvX - Cerulean Order

    This is a really nice and friendly guild :)
  2. FM Hongmoon Skills

    Impactfule Tome(the 3rd row), is atm the only good HM skill outthere, since it buffs your dmg by alot. Since you spam this skill, to keep the burn active your dps will increase by alot.
  3. any FAST way to level a new toon?

    Best way just do ur main quest and all side quest, some toons are faster in leveling than others.
  4. Codex ♦ Hardcore PvX - Cerulean Order

    Always nice to see you guys here on this game aswell:) good luck with the clan and nice rules to join.
  5. You have exceeded the purchase limit of NCoin???

    Always love to see good people spending money for the game, this way the game keeps improving and we can safely play the game <3
  6. AFK timer implemented

    EU & NA Servers should combine the players, rest of the players just kicked out.
  7. Introducing Starlight

    Good luck with the clan:) really nice people here in this clan.

    Its such a pain, :( but yeah thats endgame and iam glad its pretty hard to get the items:)
  9. Dungeon Loot Bidding

    I like the current bidding system, the only negative thing is, that people can bid for items, thats not for there class and untradeble:(