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  1. Blackram General Uniform

    Thanks for responding. I guess I'll stick to 4man PoH. Just frustrating because I'm trying to find an alt. options to increase my odds because I haven't seen it drop yet, or any outfits period and it's been over 20+ runs on 4man PoH. Corretion, I've seen the eye patch dropped once, but that's it. Anyone have experienced this level of bad luck or is it me? Maybe Ninja loot groups? But there were always 4 items up for bids, occasionally 5 items but not outfits.
  2. Blackram General Uniform

    Didn't want to start a new thread. Two things I really need someone's help to clear up: 1) In the wardrobe, it says acquired from "Transmuting.." Is this true or typo? 2) 2-part question: [A] - When I see someone wearing this outfit and I shift+LBN to open, it reads that this can be acquire from BOTH Blackram Supply Chains and Nightshade Harbor. Is this correct that Nightshade also drops this, if so by whom or what? [B] - Does it ALSO drop in 6-man Blackram? or ONLY in 4-man. I don't have a problem grinding to get these items, but I just dont want to waste time going to 6man Blackram or Nightshade Harbor when nothing will yield. Thanks so much for any help.
  3. DPS Meter please

    Dear player(aka WoW player?), please stop. As a WoW player since BC-WOD, I am done with WoW... I'm done with dps meters, mouse button remapping, curse addons, etc., these are all WoW BS that I do not want or need in this game. This is a different game, learn to play this game for what it is, everyone have the SAME set of tools, the ones who learn to use it will have the advantage. Dont ruin it with WoW bs.. Come on, a dps meter really? that has got to be the most egotistical/narcissistic element to any part of WoW, or any game for that matter. It serves NO purpose, except maybe to feed an individual's ego. Please explain in good sense, why a dps meter is necessary? because, with my eyes I can tell how long it takes for a boss go down, therefore I know to adjust to play defensive to last a long fight or decide to unload DPS cd from having a strong group. I dont need a meter to single anyone out or tell me how much damage we are doing. Its really unproductive, because the fun is figuring how to beat a fight in multiple different strategies, not just constantly dumping DPS cd. So please, consider learning to play this game as it is.
  4. Its really hard to find out the look of weapons in-game due to the bad preview of weapons, sometimes the weapon does not show the actual appearance of the weapon in the preview, until you equip it. So I hope to start a database, post your weapon and the appearance that you got it from! I'll start it off with a few I have on hand. Note: The appearance is the Lycan Dagger from the world boss wheel in the Lycandi zone. The equipped dagger is from Tomb of Exile, which I donot have an image of. Thanks
  5. How long did your transfer take?

    Wow! I got the same bs, I responded 40 mins after because I was in game and didn't see it, but its been 2 hours. Read below.. thats the 4th and different rep since Sunday. Queue time, understandable to a point. But if they are throwing us in a loop to buy time, not cool. Cess (Blade and Soul) Jan 22, 19:25 Hello, For us to be able to process your issue, kindly log out of the game and confirm this action to us. We will patiently wait for your reply! Regards, Cess NCSOFT Support Team _____
  6. How long did your transfer take?

    I'm honestly glad im not the only one and sadly i found a bit of comfort in your misery. But I'm sorry to hear that man, I hope you get your situation sorted out correctly! Definitely, keep us updated on your situation, company will not improve if we don't shine a spotlight on their shortcomings. I will do the same, as I also paid for the Master pack and I hope they don't fubar this transaction for me. I went through the same 1 response every 2 days, and every time its a different rep... I'm not sure how this is being handle on their end, but its definitely frustrating me. Sannasha - Yehara
  7. How long did you guys have to wait before your transfer from Mushin(and the other headstart server) was processed? Its been since Sunday for me and I still haven't gotten any progress with my order. Just wondering if I'm the unlucky dude or is everyone in the same boat? Thanks
  8. Gonna go play a game of LoL and come back later. No point in staring at a twitter and this thread all night. There's always tomorrow, or day after, week, month or year... Unless people will complain enough to make this game go away for good and then no one gets to play again ever... That might actually suck.
  9. lmao lmao its 2016 so everything should be problem free? Snowflake syndrome is real.