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  1. because I dont play any other version bns I want to ask something is it good to upgrade raven 9 ---> exalted / storm 3 ? after searching for what buff is given from that weapon (searching on the internet), I think the buff is not better than raven weapons buff. (of course the buff is better than dawnforged / riftwalk, but how about raven?) :( idk, will there be an increase in attack or vice versa. if i upgrading my weapon from raven 9 to exalted / storm 3, the outcome damage will becomes bigger or smaller?
  2. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Very bad decision. With this sudden changes... Publisher, You will not annoy regular player. Publisher, You will not annoy goldseller. But. you will annoy your frontline whale player who loyal into this game who spent their life into this game more than other. Because they already calculate everything for upgrading their character. Then sudden changes appear, they absolutely broke. My prediction. 90% of them will mad, what u gonna do publisher?
  3. Thrall skin costumization

    i imagined male thrall still have the same form like the original thrall but female thrall is a cute little girl wearing black outfit I believe the number of Warlock will skyrockets :P then put the price high in HM Store and WL player still buy it no matter what for change their default male thrall. Profit.
  4. MiekoNeko Cosplay - Assassin Starling costume

    woahh great cosplay BnS cosplayer is very rare, just found one at con in my country :3
  5. - Clearing Story - Upgrading my fckn weapon - trying to Kill Yunsang - sleep
  6. Whirlwind Event

    its all about luck sometimes you can win sometimes you can lose i think...
  7. The Hax R Back

    simple solution : - recruit new worker - place them at abused area. their job is watch what happen in misty woods or soulstone plains, and they have privilege to ban people instanly - they play like usual player, but they not in faction or not involved anything, they just patrol - they see bots? ban. (not permanent ban because hard to tell player is a bot or just farming) - see speedhackers? permanent ban+block IP - problem solved - since i never hear this game had a GM who interact with player ingame - maybe they just dont read this, and dont care about speedhackers :( new : I just seeing two full parties people at SSP who use speedhackers from 3 days ago, no mask, we easily can report for...bots? spammers?. lol.. and they still exist in game. now. the same people, i remember the name.
  8. How do people earn 50-100g per day?

    - have high AP - Spam 4man dungeon with experienced team/guildie - done.
  9. Naryu lab How tank 3 elite force masters.

    im new in naryu lab, and never tank 3 elite before. about "keep it on the boss" is it really safe for other party member? how about the 10 buff stack at my cat then explode and damage the other party member?
  10. checked. now at stalker 1st worldboss area @TW they (developer or publisher maybe) must solve this issue ASAP i only hope this bot isnt worked in NA version
  11. Show Off Your Characters! (Screenshots)

    10 minutes before the server closed :D
  12. Show Off Your Characters! (Screenshots)

    my Lyn with vampire glitch :D