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  1. "[Update Error] Cannot Use File"

    Having as well sent a ticket as a follow-up to this. (CONFIRMED FIX above)
  2. If they are suppossed to be account bound then I am having an error in transferring via the wardrobe with all costumes not being shareable. have to be of a certain level to access? Not to leastthe OP recieved the weapon skin from the founder pack.
  3. Clicked PLAY and Nothing

    Same error. There goes the one of the most beneficial part of prestige packs.
  4. Wardrobe malfunction??

    ACTUALLY, no wardrobes are transferring in between characters like previously in betas and other versions of game.Nor is the wardrobe collections shared among the account.
  5. Wardrobe malfunction??

    Silver Dragon outfit not transferring across wardrobe items. Why?