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  1. King Kaari essence wheel bugged?

    It does, it just has a very very low chance.
  2. King Kaari essence wheel bugged?

    It's not bugged, it just has a low rarity rate, i spent almost 200 essences before getting anything but shields and weapons
  3. I also noticed this as well, i'm not certain why, i imagine the amount of people trying to download it at once. Not sure though, i sort of just put the game to update and take a nap or do something productive when there's a larger file to update.
  4. Two Maintenance In One Week?

    Whine whine whine, what good will it do you, does it make you feel better? seems to me it does more harm to your anxiety about the situation than good. If i'm wrong then complain away, but it still is not going to do you any good. You're not the only one in the world who has paid into the game, but others who have (like myself) are just happy they're taking the time to actually work toward trying to fix the problems you all are posting about. Your profanity, rage, saltiness, whining, and tunnel visioned mind isn't really going to stop them from doing what they think is best for their investment.
  5. Two Maintenance In One Week?

    if people quit the game in the first few weeks of it being released because they are trying to make the client stable, then they are not going to be around long in the game anyway, nor will they truly invest in the game in a way that will provide the business income that it needs to run said servers and pay the team to keep these maintenance's from happening. Truth. Nexon is notorious for saying '1hr ' maintenance that turns into 5 then into 12 and their games have been out for a long time. They'll always find something to complain about when things don't go their way. Impatience is a plague these days.
  6. Two Maintenance In One Week?

    Because it won't change anything, because it fixes issues that are present in a NEW game, and I dare you all to go play a nexon game. Those games are established and out for years and still undergo 12hr maintenances often. It's like screaming at yourself in a mirror.
  7. Two Maintenance In One Week?

    Right? They'd just be back here on the forums crying because no one is fixing their problem when something breaks, but doesn't get fixed because they'd have to do maintenance. Sheesh.
  8. Two Maintenance In One Week?

    The game just came out, unexpected events arise, you do what you can to fix it before you lose more -paying- players. The business move is better when the end product is more stable and thus can provide them more income. Businesses think long term, not in the moment, thus in the grander scheme of things it is a better business move. Else they'd lose more money by having an unstable product. Working the kinks out in the first few months is normal for newly released games. Especially when the hosting company changes or server locations change.
  9. Two Maintenance In One Week?

    I don't think you get it. They're a business, they're choosing what they feel is best for the business by choosing their slots accordingly, often done by looking at traffic data and or business hours for their teams on duty. As a business it's impossible to make -everyone- happy. I too am a night owl, but even I understand this. When you install a patch that could possible be game-breaking and or cause more problems than they can allow slip by (i.e. the wardrobe issue yesterday) you have to undergo testing. The servers must be updated, restarted, inspected for stability, tested again, and re-tested with attempts to see if these systems are stable enough to launch back public with the weight of the population + the new scripting that will be in place. They are professionals and if their team sees fit to take the server down for these reasons it's likely more than just something a hotfix (which are easy to use client side) and is likely something they have to alter the servers in a large way to work with. Since bots are constantly altering their methods they have to develop ways to work around them so that they can get rid of them and not accidentally block out players doing so. (which also takes time to test to make sure this doesn't happen.) Ah, but who am i kidding. You're just looking for something to do (which happens to be whine today).
  10. Wolfskin Costume

    Feel my pain with most wheels. it took me about 100 + to get the kaari outfit.
  11. Two Maintenance In One Week?

    You can always tell which people have never played games in first release. They're always the ones that complain about things being fixed. Go read a book, the game is not going anywhere, it'll be okay. P.S. This is a common thing for all games in the first months/year of release.