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  1. I just suggested some changes according to my taste, because you asked for opinions, but it's your char, so make her how you like it ^^ as for shoulders, many real girls (like myself) have rather narrow shoulders and wider hips. I think this body type is even more common than wide shoulders and narrow hips ;p
  2. well honestly her chin seems a bit manly and her eyes are too close. also I'd narrow her shoulders and make them less bulky and more feminine
  3. some more of my fm because of reasons
  4. I like the effect, many thanks to warlocks, haha
  5. huh, since when copying is considered bad? people draw and copy nature, photos, so why not 3d objects? I can admit I looked at screenshots and copied them but I don't see how it can be bad in any way. also I can draw without any reference, but drawing my character I felt like it would be more accurate. and just to prove a point, I did this today: it's not based on screenshot, but I looked at my character from time to time, well I'm reeeeaaally sorry I haven't memorized all her features :/ not to mention my whole deviantart gallery proves the point, lol
  6. my character got a new look, so here's a new drawing:
  7. I know I've just posted pic of my char a few pages ago, but I need to show the new costume I got her:
  8. my char I drew a while ago ;d she looks different now though
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