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  1. the fact that u and other ppl ( me too ) can max it, doesn't make it a fair price considering other versions got it without pet pods, as well as doesn't change the fact they didn't eared the comunity's feedbaks. tbh these is a lil disappointing.
  2. problem is if u get pet pack from events than u won't be ready to next heart/sould stages to come. withch will be better dps increase than these item. also these nova is born as a f2p item even for the p2w koreans server why would we get it different. #feelscammed
  3. as we always followed TW server for updates.... and as TW server has ONLY farmable items required for nova, we should have the same here. i always supported the server donating and i may be one of the common called '' whales'' but i feel scammed too. the worst thing is that u guys avoided talkin/showing the nova into ur stream cause of '' time limit ''. let's be serious about game situation, it feel like game population is declining more and more at the point to be very hard to find even ppl for normal dungeon farm. these may be a good chance to show ur comunity that u actually care about em.
  4. i woudn't mind if it was a farmable number of pet pack for the nova but 370 cmon... just insane. kr do not need em at all just give us same tree as kr or the same weekly challange who give u 1 pet pack and 1 vial/ week. also the gem compensation not coming... u are basically saying to all ppl who donated and supported ur work to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off. idk if that was the message u wanted to give us but that how it seems like. pls think more about change those stuff again
  5. ye... '' just fine'' it's not a good thing i wish to know if they will remain high dps not only desiderable xD. i came from blizzzard game and in blizzard's world neft mean destroy a build xD. i will decide by myself if summoner will be good enough after the maint
  6. ye but i think they are not able to get the patch files and just modify em in a smart mode ^^... they got em and just apply on our region no matter how ppl feel
  7. on other regions summoner is one of the top dps and they got these nerf to... so i'm not so much worried about the nerf, they got the same neft too in the past. the problem is that they got these nerf when they alredy had elemental dmg and alot of other content not really now. actually bns is a good game cause all classes can do the same things and be self-sufficient so i just think these is wrong atm to nerf summoner istead of bm ( at last bm do 40kdps/s summoner not really )
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