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  1. reset, resets everything!

    Well since you can undo the reset with the undo-button, that shouldn't really be a problem.
  2. In CBT2 I tested out the Cross Server Party Finder and ran into an issue: I couldn't invite my friend, by using the function on the bottom left (popup with a textbox where you type in the character name), because the character limit of the textbox is too small. The maximum number of characters in the textbox is 12, but character names can have up to 16 characters IIRC. I still managed to invite my friend with another method, but still hope this gets fixed, since it's very simple.
  3. Hey In CBT2 I tested out the Cross Server Party Finder and now I'm wondering about something: Why can I choose multiple dungeons? At first I thought, that we would run the chosen dungeons one after another. But after trying it out, we always returned to the entrance of the first dungeon, after completing it and never managed to start the second one (we had to return to the party lobby and select the other dungeon from there). Am I doing something wrong / misunderstanding something, or is this a bug?
  4. Oh, that makes sense ^^ Thanks for the explanation.