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  1. This still hasn't been fixed. Been like this for about a month...
  2. As the title says, the new Head Adornment "1st Anniversary Cake Hat" can currently not be stored in the Wardrobe. Would be nice if that could be fixed soon.
  3. I know this thread is old as hell, but it's been more than half a year and I'm still unable to edit my profile...
  4. "Receive the rewards you land on" It doesn't say anything about not getting the reward if you land on a Premium field without having a Premium Membership, so I guess it should work like a normal field.
  5. I think the one making a mistake here isn't Diger, but PhoenixMitra. If I understood correctly, he landed on the first Premium Spot (1 Naryu Tablet) and got the "Complete one Round" bonus. Because of that he made a full rotation, got his Loyalty Insigna and also got his reward doubled (as the picture shows), which shouldn't happen. I have a similar problem: I also landed on the same Premium Spot, but without an active Premium Membership. As expected, I didn't get a Premium Bonus. But the strange thing is, that I didn't even receive the item (1 Naryu Tablet).
  6. Can we expect this functionality to be back anytime soon? I've been wanting to edit my profile for about 2 months now...
  7. Just as the title sais, if you kill your target with Leech, you won't get the Siphon buff. I don't think that's meant to be like that.
  8. First I hear the SFX the chains make, when they appear. After that it will deal AoE dmg for 5 sec. (5 hits), which produces the high pitched sound effect. Not sure, if we're talking about the same SFX :D I found this video: https://youtu.be/redYODg49e8?t=90. You can hear 3 of 5 "beeps" pretty clearly at 1:31, 1:32 & 1:33 (because there's nothing else going on).
  9. I think you're talking about the sound of the chains, when they appear. That one's ok. But if you spec it to T3M1, it'll deal damage 5 times. That means, you'll hear the SFX of the chains appearing and then 5 times the "dmg-SFX", which is a really high pitched beeping sound. And that's the one i hate and also occures when using Rupture. Try testing it with the method described in my last post.
  10. Really? In that case, try speccing Soul Shackle to T3M1 and use it on a single mob, that is almost dead and kill it immediately (so that the shackles are still there for a few seconds, but without an enemy). Then listen to the sound effect. You should hear kind of a beeping sound (5 times, probably won't hear the first one though, because of other SFX).
  11. Hey guys I'm currently enjoying the newly released Warlock. But one thing is really bugging me: There's a really high pitched sound effect, when using Soul Shackle (Tier 3 Move 1) or Rupture. It's really hurting my ears and in parties with 4-6 WLs right now, I have to tune down the volume to almost zero. I also tried filtering the high frequencies through an equalizer, but it's not really helping. Does anyone else experience this and maybe even found a solution? I would really like to have a slightly different SFX for those two skills. Greets,
  12. I've been experiencing some difficulties with the static keybinds for the loot auction. Since I have a swiss keyboard layout, my Z and Y keys are switched and Y is one of my skills. That means, whenever I'm in a dungeon and someone loots something during a fight, I can't use my Y skill until the auction is over (even if I already declined with N). Sometimes I even accitentally bid for an item I don't even need. Binding the Y-skill to another key is pretty inconvenient and currently we are unable to bind the "Yes" option to another key. So I kindly ask you to make cus
  13. I also can't seem to get in anymore. Started to try any combination of Razer on/off, file repairs, deleting GameGuard folder, but nothing seems to help. Every patch seems to break the game more than fixing it. It was perfectly stable during Alpha & Beta and now everything's going down the drain... Edit: Don't know why, but I can at least get back in now, if I start the Razer SDK Service (never used the Game Scanner and seems like I don't need to).
  14. After playing Force Master for about a week, I noticed some incomplete / incorrect skill descriptions: Impact Does not state, that it can be used to escape knockdowns (+ when hit while casting knocks down for 1 sec). Here's a screenshot of the tooltip when knocked down: http://i.imgur.com/1SqzivC.jpg. Impact T1 S1 States "all attack and defense skills" which actually means, that it counts as an offensive-defensive skill, since it deals damage AND blocks attacks. This is totally unclear. Frost Orbit (tooltip when hovering over the "buff")
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