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  1. The Google sheet linked in the news article about the Warden-Patch doesn't mention the costs for changing/upgrading Storm Dragon/Exalted to Aransu (for stages 6-9). I'd expect the same reduction as for the Raven -> Storm Dragon/Exalted upgrade, meaning 1 Empyrean Spirit Stone instead of 5. Can someone confirm this/update the Google sheet?
  2. I'm facing the same problem. Most players in our guild either already have it, or don't want it. I've been looking for other players to craft it for about a month now and we're still missing two...
  3. As shown in the screenshot below, the VT Necklace (all elements) description states, that it triggers the Atrophy effect on a target, which is correct. But it also states, that you get a crit dmg buff when hitting a target with the Weakness effect on it, instead of the Atrophy effect. Weakness/Weakened is the effect triggered by the Oath Necklace. I don't know if it's actually working as intended, but the description is definitely wrong.
  4. You're right, interesting. Kinda missed the PvP gear since I don't use it. But you still have to agree with me in 2 points: 1. USUALLY green means effect and white means permanent stats (in ~90% of the cases). 2. If this "color code" doesn't stand for what I think it does, then what DOES it stand for? You said it's just a coincidence, but that's just another theory. And I really don't think they just added it because they thought it looks fancy. What point are you referring to? Edit: I think it makes sense that permanent stat boosts of "special" stats (M
  5. Yes, that's indeed the Raven effect. But that's not what I was referring to. The weapon can also activate a second effect (just like Seraph, Riftwalk, Aransu, Storm Dragon, ...), which gives you % Crit Rate & Crit Dmg (14% Crit Rate & 23% Crit Dmg for Raven 9, as you can see in the picture). That is NOT the Raven effect. And as shown in the picture, these values are green (because it's an effect, not permanent). But it doesn't say anywhere, that these are not simple stats, but an activatable effect. This is not a speculated theory. Go check the stats of all kinds of gear.
  6. Then please tell me where it says that the weapon can activate a Crit Chance & Dmg buff... PS: Check the stats on all kinds of equipment. Effects are always green, while the permanent stats are always white. I wouldn't call that a coincidence.
  7. As you can see in the picture below, the Boss Attack Power & Critical Damage stats of the new Hongmoon Heart are green. As far as I know, green stands for effects that have a certain chance to activate during a fight. (E.g. % Crit Rate & Dmg of Weapons) But that is not the case with the Boss Attack Power & Critical Damage of the Heart. They are permanent stats that you gain by simply equipping it. This is very confusing and wrong. Especially so for the last stage, True Hongmoon Heart, since there's a ton of green text and it's hard to distinguish between permanent st
  8. The tooltip of the "new" Skypetal Soulstone Chest for 500 Prestige that got changed this patch states: 52-78x Soulstone 170-220x Soulstone Crystal I just opened one and got 61 Soulstones and 100 Soulstone Crystals. Please fix the amount of Soulstone Crystals that we're getting from the chest ASAP, as it's quite a large difference. Below is a screenshot of the tooltip and the system message of the chest opening.
  9. If you do DC every day you get ~1.5 Blood Pearl per week... good luck farming ~300 of them for the weapon & soul :/
  10. The difference is actually not that big, especially since everyone needs Blood Pearls now and their price skyrocketed.
  11. Since the effects are very similar, that would mean that Riftwalk/Dawnforged -> Raven is also an upgrade and not just a weapon change. Where are the Empyrean Spirit Stones there? We never needed any. Even back when the upgrade from Seraph/Baleful still cost 10 stones. And even without the spirit stones the change to Aransu is expensive enough. Right now SD/EX Stage 6 -> Aransu Stage 6 actually costs much more than Raven Stage 9 -> Aransu Stage 3. That doesn't make any sense to me.
  12. This patch the amount of Empyrean Spirit Stones needed to upgrade from Riftwalk/Dawnforged to Storm Dragon/Exalted was reduced from 5 to 2. But that is not the case when upgrading from Raven. Since the only ones using Riftwalk weapons are Earth Destroyers, they're the only ones benefitting from this cost reduction, which I find pretty unfair. Also when swapping from Storm Dragon/Exalted Stage 6 to Aransu Stage 6, you need another 5 Empyrean Spirit Stones amongst other materials. Why is a weapon change, which isn't even an upgrade in terms of stages, so expensive?
  13. Is the upgrade cost only reduced for Rift/Dawn or also for Raven? I really hope so, because if not then this would only be helping Earth Destroyers, which seems pretty unfair to me.
  14. I think so too and it would be a pretty nice third option. But since it's a replacement for the 20g option that's gonna hurt a lot of players really bad. Yeah, I'm also hoarding pretty much anything I find. But I started discarding stuff that seems really useless to make room for other things :/ Or in other words: If you keep going like that, you'll have enough materials to get the Legendary Jewels to fully upgrade ONE accessory in around half a year. Sorry to tell you, but they'll probably release even more accessories during that time.
  15. I don't think they actually nerfed SSP. Us getting less prestige was just the consequence of the level 55 release (higher level -> less prestige from lower level content). But it still sucks since they didn't release a new Soulstone (Moonstone!!) farming area.
  16. I just watched the Call of the Deep patch preview video and was shocked about the changes to Legendary Elements/Jewels. Assuming that the values shown in the video are correct, one Legendary Element/Jewel will cost 10g + 5 "normal" Elements/Jewels. These "normal" Elements/Jewels cost 50s, 5 Soulstone Crystals, 10 Fusion Powder and 10 Element/Jewel Powder each. If you were to buy all these materials from the market (or at least the ones you can) you would save around 1-2g or even more if you farm them yourself. That's not too bad. BUT Element/Jewel Powder are account
  17. In case my previous explanation was unclear, here's an example of what the bug does: Let's say you just killed the boss of a normal mode dungeon. The boss has 100mio HP in normal and 200mio HP in hard mode. According to your DPS-meter, your total damage was 10mio. That's 10% of the boss's total HP. But since the DPS-meter uses the boss's HP from hard mode to calculate this %-value, your 10mio damage only amount to 5% of it's total HP. Because of this bug/wrong calculation the %-value is very misleading, wrong and also useless. The bug should be fairly eas
  18. Every day at 7pm CET (playing on EU-server) there's a notification saying that new items arrived in Today's Specials. But that's not the case. Today's Specials always reset at 1am CET and that's also what the timer in the HM Store says.
  19. Today I found another issue related to the one described above: Some icons are now missing, meaning that not all dungeons that should have a Daily Challenge icon on them actually have one.
  20. I just noticed that the "Dmg. participation %" shown in the DPS-meter in normal mode dungeons is incorrect. The boss HP used to calculate everyone's damage in % is ALWAYS the boss HP from hard mode, even in normal mode dungeons (that's why it's not bugged in hard mode). And since bosses usually have way more HP in hard mode, that results in everyone having an extremely low damage participation which also doesn't amount to 100% in total. Would be nice if that could be fixed, since the % value is completely useless like this.
  21. In the Cross Server Dungeon Lobby the Dungeon List is showing incorrect Daily Challenge icons. The picture below shows my current Dungeon List (normal mode, but hard mode bugged as well). All the dungeons that have a Daily Challenge icon on them are actually Daily Challenges today, so that's fine. But some icons are incorrect: At the time I took this screenshot, I had finished Starstone Mines and Irontech Forge. But according to the list I did Naryu Foundry and Lair of the Frozen Fang. The icon on Cold Storage is the one used for PvP quests, not PvE. So it
  22. There are also other strategies to beat this boss, that don't involve picking up all purple flowers. And people usually survive one of his AOEs (at least on normal). So it's possible for the whole party to survive, even if not all four flowers were picked up. But what happens when he absorbs the remaining ones?
  23. I've got a question about Hollow's Heart's last boss Jurupo. Just to be clear, I do know all the mechanics, so no need to explain then. All I want to know is: What happens, if you don't pick up all purple flowers and he manages to absorb them? Is it the same for normal / hard mode? I do know that when he absorbs green flowers, they heal him. But I don't know about the purple ones.
  24. I'm also wondering why we have to click every single Exp Charm before we can actually retrieve them. I guess it's because you get them as packages/boxes, that you have to open first. But why? If there aren't even multiple items inside, why would you put them in a box. It's the same with other items, like the ones you get from Daily Dash. Everything is sent as boxes that you have to open first. But opening a box doesn't change anything except that IF the box contains different items they will take up more than one inbox space. But that only applies to like 5% of these boxes, which makes th
  25. I usually use the "Exit" or "Return to Server" Function to leave a dungeon in Cross-Server and noticed that this does more than it should. 1. It resets the map transparency mode to "not transparent". 2. It resets the chat tab selection to the "All"-tab. Note that this only happens, when one of these functions is used while inside a dungeon. If used in the Cross-Server Lobby or the Dungeon Entrance Room (the square with 2 NPCs, 1 repair station & the dungeon portal), everything works as intended (nothing is reset). Would be nice if this could be fixed.
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