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  1. Personally I would stay clear from BnS. I quit the game though I really loved it. In it's early days it wasn't so bad, but they just kept flooding the game with content only people who had hours to waste could catch up. Don't get me wrong, playing catch up in MMORPG's is normal, but the gated content plus at the speed which the content is released... there is no breathing room. If you have the time to kill every single day, then continue playing. But if your goal is to stay in end'game but you can't play everyday? Stop now.
  2. Oathbreaker Vs Siren

    As Cress said, both lead to the True Breeze. The original path is much cheaper as the materials have been there since the beginning. While the new Silverfrost mats have barely or haven't even entered the market.
  3. for Macs to Please?

    And you cannot read apparently. I never said, you can't play games on macs. OP was asking for a Mac version, which in this day and age is unlikely for a mmo like this. Like I said, macs are good for content creators. Photographers and video editors etc, not many people buy macs to play games. If you want to play games on macs, you are indeed drawing the short straw. Sure you can install windows through bootcamp, but you need to buy windows first, which you will need to drop another hefty $$. Unless you pull the illegal straw, then I'll slap you for that. It's just so much a roundabout way to play games on macs, which costs a lot more than the same spec windows pc if you built it yourself. Like I said, 'pulled the short straw'. Not that you can't play on macs...
  4. for Macs to Please?

    Not to sound like a dick or anything, but your hunny drew the short straw for buying a mac. Mac is good for content creators, but for gaming... that's another story. Also, asking the American team won't help. You would need to ask HQ in Korea, but considering the time and resources it takes to make a complete optimized port to the mac, hardly any developer will take that risk.
  5. You had one job, NC.

    You forgot the fact that JP BnS charged us a hefty 3000yen per month here just to play, it's free now, cos it's almost dead. But there was a reason why things were easier, we payed triple the NA prem rate. I would say that's fair, specially considering it also has the cash shop to rip moar moniz.
  6. Sorry to say buddy, but in Korea, Maplestory, which is a decade old, is still the top 5 most played mmo (mmo in general, not just mmorpg). BnS used to stick up with the cool dudes, but it is a fact ToS is a contender for the market.
  7. While once upon a time BnS in Korea was one of the top games, but as of late, it's been falling off the ranks. http://www.gamenote.com/rank_ongame/ Ranked 15th http://gamechart100.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=B11&page=2 Ranked 12th http://www.playfam.com/award/gameRank/20160303 This website keeps track of all mmo games available in Korea and ranks them weekly. According to this site, the last time BnS was ranked, was August Q1. Even during the release of Soul Master, it seemed to have fallen under the radar and failed to attract players. I am more surprised to see Maplestory still going strong. But this is a clear indication of a fruit going sour. As I said, BnS has passed it's climax in Korea. I suspect it's the PVP element still keeping the fans going.
  8. Look at how many people are spamming the forums with bot threads! ... Please for the love of god, read the sticky posts. There are literally dozens of threads created every day with bot in it.
  9. Woah, like I'm neutral with Sailor Moon, but to call it dogshit is like calling Superman and Batman dogshit,. If Japan was America, you would have been mauled in dogshit.
  10. This is what most people are unable to see atm. Sure fast content is cool and all, but most people do not think about or rather are unaware of what will happen once the content is dried up. Right now it's like eating instant ramen rather than going out to eat a full course dinner. The 'game is dying' trend is only going to get worse from now on the forums.
  11. Ok, let's start off with that I am not exactly complaining, but just curious as a concerned consumer. So, everything that the west version is getting is pretty much what the KR client has. Which to start with, doesn't have that much content to begin with considering the game is 5 years old. But the content was spread out from release in a 5 year period. Which raises my concern. The West client is getting those updates in rapid succession and at this rate, it will catch up within this year. Which will leave the game deprived of future updates, unless the KR client gets more. But BnS had it's climax in the market and it's nearing it's final state of it's run. You can see this with the dwindling numbers of players in Korea and practically dying client in JP, I can say this as I am a Korean/Japanese. When a game originally charged 3000 yen a month (approx $30 usd), then go f2p... yeah, that's not exactly a good sign. I'm not saying the game is dying, but rather the west client is sort of driving into a dead end street at this rate. People are happy now that they get updates frequently, but as people were flustered to the point they were asking for a expansion class since launch... I do wonder what will happen once this trend stops. Maybe they are working closely with HQ in KR to schedule updates, or maybe they just want to cater to as many people as they can in a burst period. I do hope it's the former. I enjoy playing games and BnS is a fun game, despite the issues a lot of people are complaining about. But if the time and effort I spend now is going to be void a year later, I do feel a sense of insecurity. But generally, most MMO's these days falls off the radar and don't really last any longer than 2 years.
  12. I wish people stopped comparing WoW to everything. First of all, WoW is part of a international brand that is Blizzard, one of the worlds top profitable gaming industry leader. Whatever they make, literally whatever it is, good or bad, people start throwing wallets at them. They have brand power, just like Apple. They are bigger, faster, stronger in every way... no pun intended. TL;DR, they have the resources for better management. Now when you have a game like BnS, that's a whole different story.
  13. Spiders why Spiders

    The same reason where every fantasy game has at least one type of the undead series. It's a cliche that works. People with phobias exists, but it's a very niche amount of people, not enough for game designers to cater for. I'm sorry to say, if it disturbs you, then you might as well find a different game or hobby. As spiders are a staple lore in fantasy literature, which translates very well into games. Look at Hobbit/Harry Potter just to name a few.
  14. Have you considered this before? All tickets are put into a queue to be examined. The more tickets there are, the longer it takes to examine each ticket and there are genuine tickets from players who are having issues such as having their account locked. Sending in all these tickets will cause high priority tickets to be pushed back and most likely bot tickets will be ignored eventually. Just use the report function in-game, as that's what the devs asked the players to do. As to why it takes time to remove bots, there probably 100's of reports a day, some may even be duplicates. Some may even be genuine players who has done nothing wrong other than wake someone up on the bad side of the bed. I also heard that the report spammer function auto locks if reached a certain amount of call-outs, which may be the reason for unjustified bans. It takes time, to individually assess every case. Also, random combination of letters for names isn't exactly a clear proof for a bot. I remember seeing a character named asicaw (not exact name) which appears like a bot name, but was infact a genuine player. Lastly, just as some have said, banning bots only creates more. Which is true. If someone has the ability to create 10 bots to farm gold for either personal or rmt use, they will simply recreate the bots if they get banned. Banning bots is only a band-aid to a bigger issue. I understand your passion, but your goal is as baseless as any of the other replies here.
  15. qutting main mmo over this one

    What are saying? The population of NA and EU servers are practically all western players. I'm Japanese and I initially played on a NA server and the Elitist community is indeed very bad, but since then I transferred to a JP server (for better ping) and the community is much better. Market prices are far more affordable. Also in regards to dungeon queues being long, it's because people are wary of pugs. Pugs in FFXIV are infamous for creating cancer, since bosses actually require some level of strategy and knowledge. Whereas in BnS, you can solo most dungeons if you wanted to. So players tend to run with people they know, like guilds or simply chat groups specifically created for and by players to run instances together. It depends on the server you go to and the experience will differ. But the underline is, it's a very community driven game. Not so favorable for a solo player.