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  1. Personally I would stay clear from BnS. I quit the game though I really loved it. In it's early days it wasn't so bad, but they just kept flooding the game with content only people who had hours to waste could catch up. Don't get me wrong, playing catch up in MMORPG's is normal, but the gated content plus at the speed which the content is released... there is no breathing room. If you have the time to kill every single day, then continue playing. But if your goal is to stay in end'game but you can't play everyday? Stop now.
  2. You forgot the fact that JP BnS charged us a hefty 3000yen per month here just to play, it's free now, cos it's almost dead. But there was a reason why things were easier, we payed triple the NA prem rate. I would say that's fair, specially considering it also has the cash shop to rip moar moniz.
  3. Look at how many people are spamming the forums with bot threads! ... Please for the love of god, read the sticky posts. There are literally dozens of threads created every day with bot in it.
  4. I wish people stopped comparing WoW to everything. First of all, WoW is part of a international brand that is Blizzard, one of the worlds top profitable gaming industry leader. Whatever they make, literally whatever it is, good or bad, people start throwing wallets at them. They have brand power, just like Apple. They are bigger, faster, stronger in every way... no pun intended. TL;DR, they have the resources for better management. Now when you have a game like BnS, that's a whole different story.
  5. If you play on Mushin, I can give you a few things to get back in shape.
  6. How anyone could use so much repairs is beyond me... I'm lvl 29, I grind quite a bit and up until now I used maybe 4-5 repairs. I have 50+ stashed, sold 20 in AH and gave 10 to my buddy. Just to dailies everyday, even the lowest level ones if you can, just do all that you can. The daily boxes sometimes drops repairs and I know the low level dungeons which has chests you can open with keys almost always drop repairs. You get keys from dailies too. Sure you may think opening chests with keys maybe a waste, but I open every chest and I currently have 60+ keys. You also get charms too, which for e
  7. But you did babble nonsense though. You talked how expensive VA is, when the data is all there. You can simply drag and drop mods now if you want, free for us. Sure it will take some time to properly implement for the devs, but nowhere expensive.
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