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  1. 8 week daily dash

    Actually, I would be happy with a simple reset which would allow you to get the outfit/end reward for more than one character. Perhaps make it so the character that gets the end reward cannot collect it a second time?
  2. Refund for Outfit Pouch Transmutation

    Agreed. 'Shady' or not, it is not the best of business practices to leave a customer feeling like he or she has 'thrown' their real-world money away. Considering each attempt can cost somewhere between 50 and 100 dollars, along with the fact that the generated costume is a random outcome that already does not guarantee that you will get the costume you are looking for, the return of a single high-quality fabric almost seems intended by the developers as a joke perpetrated upon the player. At the very least, I suggest that the materials used in the attempt be returned to the player, with perhaps the 'chance' of a loss of up to half of the materials. When you consider the way the process works, on average it likely costs between 200-500 dollars for a player to get the costume he or she is looking for.
  3. Banned for being AFK?

    Honestly, in situations like this, a warning might be more suitable for a first offense. Simply because the player MIGHT not have been aware that he or she was doing anything wrong. In my opinion, dancing is not the same as using a macro to circumvent the timer. In those cases, yes, the intent is clear. But I do often use the dance emote while waiting for people, and what if I happen to get an extended phone call? I would expect to come back 30 minutes later to find my account logged out, not banned. In these and similar cases, I think a warning for a first offense is more suitable. I would not make the same mistake a second time.
  4. Banned for being AFK?

    Ok then. What if your dancing for 30 minutes and not AFK? What if you're waiting for spouse, friends, or clanmates to log in, and/or you're chatting in the faction channel while you wait? Is that a bannable offense? Because there is no way in the world that a GM or other company employee is going to know whether or not you are actually sitting at the keyboard.
  5. Can we get a server status indicator?

    I concur.
  6. about the launcher breaking patch....

    Watching football at the moment. That alleviates some of the pain. :)

    I agree - They actually show their Twitter posts on the News page (including the one which references this issue) - they should do it for the forums as well IMO.
  8. Thought it was me. Having the same issue.
  9. Servers to be wiped

    Actually Skyforge did. They did not do a wipe after OPEN beta.