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  1. In their opinion, BT accessories should be the "highest" tier of gears which have the strongest power need to cost a lot of time and gold to make them (even stronger than glove which only cost 250 Hellion core)
  2. I m just wondering if I delete a lv50 character(need to wait 12hrs), can i instanly create a new character that use the same name after the deletion? I only know that if i delete a low level chracter(wait 6mins) i can use the name again immdiately, but not sure about a high level character. I very appreciate if someone can answer me this question.
  3. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/316114634518298624/351407322037485571/unknown.png BD's mystic badge is bugged, where in before, it is increase crit damage by 20% for all skills with 100% additional damage for flicker. However, now it changes to increase crit damage by 20% for flicker only with 100% additional damage for flicker. I m not sure if it is just text error, or it is exactly nerf the mystic badge
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