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  1. best caster class

    All classes in the game can tank. Difficulty varies for each class, and some have an easier time doing the job. Kiting a boss is kiting a boss, not tanking it. My guild has 2 KFM mains and 1 BM main; there aren't enough tanks to go around, and we're certainly not going to wait around for one to run anything when we don't need one. I'm also not going to tell my cross-server party to kick someone because we need a BM or KFM to tank when I can do the job, nor will I ever expect any BM or KFM to tank (some don't like to, or just don't at all). Whether you choose FM or WL, if you do end up taking aggro, you need learn to tank and not kite.
  2. best caster class

    Fire FM is top DPS. Shadow WL is above average DPS on the DPS ladder. They're both viable. Apparently at later dungeons WL becomes "mandatory" but that's just something I heard, not sure. If you use HM Dimensional Volley on WL, your fingers are going to have to move a lot faster than when playing an FM. The thing that makes FM fun (imo) is the tanking. You don't have a block like BM or KFM, so it's about timing and using your Q, E, SS, Tab, and V wisely. If you're not tanking, the only thing you really have to take care of is the burn debuff and the damage buff you get from Fire F. Warlock also felt pretty stale until Dimensional Volley. You really need fast fingers for that one, and the lack of iframes does make it more challenging compared to FM, since if you're sitting there using your block, you'll lose aggro since you're not dealing damage. To be honest what you should do is level both and get a feel of each class, then pick the one you really want to work on. It's not hard to level, so before starting your upgrades you might as well see for yourself what you like.
  3. To clarify, I was talking about the Royal Zen Bean. You know, the thing that this topic is all about? Hence why "the bean" instead of "beans"? Edited for clarity anyway. If you're not happy with the whole soulstone process, that's fine; but I think you're on the wrong topic. I never said once that I was happy with the whole soulstone process either, but it's doable. I've never traded in for a single soulstone pouch and my main is easily doing endgame content with well upgraded gear. Before Warlock came out, I had three characters doing Misty Woods + Fishing Lodge faction quests, which gave me 51 soulstones a day. With my main Warlock, that's 68 soulstones from just MW + FL, no SSP, no Blackwyrm. It's not a whole lot, but enough considering the gold I earned from doing dailies could be used to buy whatever else I needed, since I farmed the majority of the upgrade materials myself anyway.
  4. Just make it so PvPers can sell the Royal Zen Bean and whatever else on the marketplace. Don't know why everyone is discussing gear upgrades and Soulstones but: If you PvE, you can buy Soulstones with the money you earn from PvE. If you PvX, you earn from both. If you mainly PvP, you can buy other mats with the money you earn from PvP. If you only PvP, the only thing I can think of PvPers needing are the skillbooks which you can buy with the money you earn from PvP. The only thing you absolutely need to PvE for in order to help with PvP (as far as I know) is that skill where you need to eat a bunch of shit (farmed or bought from achievement merchant), along with the Hongmoon Pellet. If they make it so that the Royal Zen Bean can be sold, they should make it so you can sell those food things on the marketplace as well. I don't really know if PvP gets the short end of the stick here (I don't PvP often), but shouldn't that be the case anyway since gear upgrade is PvE content? Of course those who PvE should have an upperhand in... PvE content. 6v6 is a weird one.
  5. I was told that it's reverse, that the PvE book is for PvP and the PvP Bean is for PvE (which is dumb if true). But even if it isn't, for example the Summoners Zen Bean Skill is increased Sunflower Overflow duration... which is PvE. A friend that plays Summoner told me you'll never reach Overflow in PvP?
  6. As someone who strictly PvEs only (I don't have a single PvP game on any of my characters in this season) I just leveled multiple characters. I currently have 3 capped (50+ Soulstones every day), and at least two more incoming. That might have been possible for me though because I didn't really work on their gear since I knew I'd be maining Warlock when it was released, therefore giving me time to do whatever. I'm not too concerned about Soulstones, as there are PvE ways to get them. A bigger issue I would say is the Royal Zen Bean skills, which I literally MUST PvP for, as far as I know.
  7. cat tank nerfed

    Can confirm taunt doesn't work as it should (for me at least, guess it works fine for some?). I don't care if the cat loses aggro once the cat taunt ends. That's how it should be, and how it was before this patch anyway; DPS took aggro from a cat tank if it wasn't taunting. But if the skill says "Taunt for 8 seconds" then it should taunt for 8 seconds, not 12, not 3. As for Summoner = 2 people... No.
  8. Summoner Force Master Gon I randomly made
  9. Open Discussion with English Localization

    In case some of you haven't seen, from CBT3 Notes: :O
  10. Why all the hate for the westernization

    Here you go, an actual Korean, who speaks Korean, lived in Korea, and is still living in Korean culture, posting about this subject because that is now a requirement (?). There are more changes than just that one side quest, and those changes are significant. The culture is lost in those changes. The changes itself were also unnecessary. That's why it's "bad". Not just because it's different, but because those differences result in what I said previously. I would explain but apparently if you're not Korean, there's no way one can even begin to try and understand the significance of the changes, so there's no point. And if you are Korean, you'd understand without me having to explain. Just so everyone's on the same page: Definition of customer feedback in business Not all feedback is required to be in a constructive essay format.
  11. Open Discussion with English Localization

    Didn't quote to save space, but in response to your reply. So does that mean your Korean Product Manager and various Korean staff told you that Soyun and Seoyeon is read the same? 서연=Seoyeon 소윤=Soyun To save time, if you go to Google translate and copy and paste each of those, you'll see that each of those Korean names provided match the pronunciation attached. But if Seoyeon and Soyun were pronounced the same, their Korean characters should not appear different, and 소윤's translation result should have been something entirely else. Yes, some names are more difficult than others. You said your audience would eventually learn the correct pronunciations with the help of voice overs. But as of now, this means they will learn the wrong pronunciation for the wrong name. You're teaching your audience incorrect information. It also means it's possible for your audience to learn a harder name like "Seoyeon" compared to "Soyun" through voice overs. As for the ease of information absorption, it doesn't matter how easy the information is to absorb if it's incorrect. Unless the staff want to teach their players incorrect information. I now know that you have little authority on these decisions that have been laid out by someone else for you, but the reason I'm continuing this discussion regardless is because you are the only staff member giving consistent feedback to players. As a player, I have no idea if the any of the higher-ups read anything I write; but I know that you read this regularly and would assume you have a better chance of contacting those higher-ups than a single player. Also that if they do read the threads, they will read this one. Thank you for volunteering your own time to do this.
  12. You do not understand the significance of the change when kept Korean because you are not Korean. That analogy is for the Western audience, majority of which (like you said) do not know Korean. If you knew Korean, we would not be arguing. Jinsoyun is still a Korean name. But it is a different name from Jin Seo Yeon, Jin Seoyeon, or even Jinseoyeon. You're calling me dense when you don't even know both languages, preventing you from understanding that Jinsoyun is an entirely different name from "Jinseoyeon", even when excluding the meaning.