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  1. Gunslingers the weakest pvp class

    Stop attacking @qqqq1 lol. Any way topic get out of main focus. Topic is about gunner preform-enc in pvp so don't mix it with pve and gems. In pve you don't need any heal on gunner as gems + auto attack regain yr heal supper fast. In pvp we have pre-set states with mean there is no gear related, talking about 1v1,3v3, not BG with is pure broken. So in pvp 1v1 or 3v3 if you didn't play gunner don't add you 5 cents here @Snowyamur as you clear don't play pvp on daily basic. Gunner problems: 1.Have to kit from one side to arena to another one just so got some hooks and skill cds down. 2. If some one is presistant on your back with spamable dmg you just drop dead as your 5x resist skill is down in 1sec. 3. Gunner block on skill 1 have 6sec cd and lose counter/stun with updates so its only give 1 sec resist if some one make it proc. Also KFM/BD/DES/BM have op cc skill that pull or stun you and ignore blocks. 4. Gunner main dmg is airbound if you fail to lunch some one couse lag or slow click or miss click you back to point 1. 5. Shadow and Fire Tab burst skill will kill you instead as they make you stand still or drain you chi. 6. Sky Hook its bugy some times you want to land automatic to ground and its keep you in air with let other class to air bound you. 7. RMB prime gunner dmg easy hit counter and get in to extra stun with classes that already swim in cc and cc locks. 8. Don't think ''Alpha Call'' work for other classes in 3v3. 9. Some times when you use air lift skill, skills that share some skill bar can proc instead. 10. In pvp Shadow hits harder over Fire but Shadow prime RMB have clunky animation with coses fps drop and lags with equal fail combos. Also can't wait for archer to come out and over run / over dps / over heal gunner with arrow and bow vs gun and bullets game logics ??? Gunner had unique skill that allow him for second escape ''Alpha Call'' now BM have second escape to and don't need to use any pre skill logic of balance. LOL
  2. Gunslingers the weakest pvp class

    True gunner is now hot mess noting now after awaken like other classes. I play pvp all time swing on gunner silver/gold some times I am top 4 some times back to square one xd. The point is gunner heal skills are way lower then other classes and its only main source of dmg is air-combo with can miss a lot. Lots of time this game got bad calculation what skill go first. For exp I cc target and can use skill to up-air it but its fail go in cd and person use evade or escape. Other times I cc and game take so long to process information its cost skill that is in same bar as up-air. Now in pvp fire deal less dmg then shadow but shadow hove clunky animation that don't let you use air-extension some times so bb dmg. Also fighting any spin class is cancer, gunner at start of game is so limited and in most scenarios vs destro who start game with lip on me I have to waist escape and run fast using hook away then he use shield and camp with heal or stun. Also I think the main problem of balance is that person who make class don't have big MS like 90% of players here so they have different statistic then other players. Gunner is good if you live near server with good FPS and MS. Also people who say gunner is not weak in pvp don't play this class and didn't spend so much time on it in pvp as people who did and know what I am talking about.
  3. Warlock bug

    Wait till 10 for next patch shod have class fix patch ;D
  4. So NCsoft delay awakened patch to give us better version with class fix patch?, But instead they give us version without class fix + bugs that they didn't fix last maintenance (Gunner/Worden awaken skills). ''Question: How long we gone wait for class patch fix?.'' Some info form pvp background. PVP level of OVER POWER */**/***/****/*****/ BD one skill takes 90%hp, spam resistance. Still stun counter on spin. ***** WL is useless in pvp. If you know its skills you can masker wl with ease. * DES shield cant be broken and heal like crazy. Still stun counter on spin. ***** GUN noting now exp lots of nerf that kill class. Apparently Shadow hits now harder then Fire. 0 chance vs spinning class. Fun how fire* bulletstorm in pvp each shot takes like 20%-30% and even if you manage to use it probably will get like one shot out of five.Only dmg gunner make is in airbound other way its gone get stun/counter/overdps. *** KFM why to many resist its take ages to find opening to cc. **** FM asteroid skill is way OP first you don't see when its cost and its hit in pulses with do big dmg + knockback. Now if you waist escape and get garbed expect wall bang from 100 to 0. **** WD Not much changed exp some nerf like -broke defence. *** AS Didn't saw to much difference exp they get ext cc's with its op for class with can stay in hide forever. *** SUM can ress cat in 1sec, If you get airband the time summoner stand in petals storm its over. *** BM Way to many ways to escape get back up. Hit hard with one button skills like 35%. Not to mention pull skill that is 100% kill if you have no escape. ***** That just my opinions.
  5. Simple Mode Problem

    Gunner>Talent>Time Bomb> Switch skill ''Triple Shot'' to ''Haze Bomb''. Before Update if you switch that skill its didn't effect simple mode now its does. Its now way to use ''Haze Bomb'' with simple mode as its put it as first skill to use so if I want to shot with base attack I have to waist ''haze bomb'' at start before I can use ''Quickshoot'' or ''Unload''. Fix simple mode so its don't use ''Haze Bomb'' when you use Talent>Time Bomb.
  6. Simple Mode Problem

    So Gunner skill ''Triple Shot'' can be switch to ''Haze Bomb'' as before no problem here. But with update now simple mode use Haze Bomb with haven't before so in PVP if I use simple mode I cant shot till I waist my Haze Bomb... who design this??? or is it bug?
  7. Warden GreatSword

    Question is there gone be in skin of greatsword like in concept art?
  8. Support quicker replay?

    Don't know what planet you on but I work Sundays so do they. Don't make this post a flame treat
  9. I think some one may hack my account cause my 2 verification code stop working the day. But support take a sweet sweet time to replay or resolve problem, 2h no answer where did every one go?.
  10. Can we have option back to sell legendary stage 1 items from MSP/NF/DT/EC/NS for 100g. I think I'am not only one that have 250+ stock of exchange material with is completely useless. + Now we get this quest that give us 100... but no xhands with is fun because its the hardest to get.
  11. Can some one on support get on this, because every EVERY! single day I got friend invitation from bot spammer there web info, I'am tired of clicking report button is it so hard to add option to block friend invitation block because we have one for group inv or clan but where is friend block???
  12. Skills info?

    Do any one know what skill 4 Tracking and Clear Shot are for? I know that tracking increase yr distance a bit to max 20m and keep yr camera back to yr target if you slot right skill. But 0 idea how they work...
  13. Hongmoon Rumblebees T5S1 Bug

    ''Hongmoon Rumblebees T5 S1 Bug'' says that instant cost on grabbed / phantom grabbed / pined enemy. But when u use it, its only work on stun/daze/airbound/knockback enemy's. Is that translation mistake or its bug and shod be fix?