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  1. 4 hours ago, CREEDENCE said:

    I bought it as soon as I logged and for my cat too xD that's how much it was in other regions so it's not going to be cheaper here . Just don't buy it there are other people that are buying it I'm sure :0

    I am happy for you. I know there are people who can afford it. The majority of it either can't afford it or see it as a waste because they only like certain parts of the bundle.

  2. While I am appreciative of such a spectacular bundle, 4799 ncoin is an outrageous amount for a bundle. I am away of what it entails, however no free to play person, probably 70% of the player base, can not afford such a price. I wanted to give my opinion on the subject.

  3. On 1/18/2017 at 2:33 PM, Meginb said:

    Finally found some time to upload my character screenshots (thanks for the emergency maintenance nc >.>).

    My Summoner:


    My Force Master:


    My Kung Fu Master:


    My Warlock:


    Wow you did an excellent job with your characters!! <3 

  4. Hello,

       It's been six months since I have played Blade and Soul. I am thinking of coming back because I miss the game, visuals and my characters. Is NCSoft still offering return care packages that will allow people to catch up to the current weapon/item paths?


    Thank you for you time,


  5. 17 hours ago, Shadovvv said:

    They were THREE ADDITIONAL WAYS to obtain Moonstones: Farming Terrors, increased channels via overpopulation, and Mushin's Tower.


    Instead, none of you try to take advantage of that. You don't bother to search for a solution from the materials given to you. It's entirely the community's fault for not coming to an agreement that benefits everyone.

    You do realize that most people can't solo a terror or complete floors 14 and 15. You do realize that people can't get credit for Grindtooth because of multi boxers and bots. I am Soha/Jiwan/Dochun, I am a day time player and the "Elite" clans don't come on until 12 am est because they live in China. Explain to me how I can get moonstones. I lag in Mushins, I can't do ssp because it is controlled by crims during the day and I can't solo terrors. Hmmm. I have 546 ap and I struggle to find parties because everyone weats 600 ap for a simple dungeon like Gloomdross, SM and Asura. I am happy you're max gear. However the issue remains most new people will suffer greatly because of this shortage of moonstone options. In Asia Moonstones drop from dungeons I believe. Why can't they do that here? Oh wait I forgot. This is the NA system and it is all about whales and greed. 

  6. This is not an event. This is a permanent fixture. Also congrats on the 10,000 gold. How much did you have to spend to get this? I'd like to also add this is not nesecarily a P2W event because you're gambling Gold in hopes for more Gold. Now the Moonstone bundle in store is a P2W feature.

  7. This is caused my bots and multi boxers. I too have this issue during Crim version of Konta and Grindtooth as well. I have to hope for SSP keys from Terrors and GrassSquatchs because people multi box, IMO I think it is the Chinese gold sellers. Of course this is speculation and I have no proof but it is a logical conclusion.

  8. 1 hour ago, CrimsonDuskEU said:

    Ok so I've been playing since day 1 and here's my thoughts on your business model, and marketting strategy overall.

    With the way things are, you reward players for swiping and not for playing. Which leaves 2 issues :

    - People who play feel out of the "grind-game", and not rewarded enough for their no-life grinding.

    - People who swipe, have no need to do the "grind-game", and will ultimately have no reason to log-in.


    You basically just lost 2 potentional playerbase in the long-run.


    The third playerbase, new players, or altoholics, now come in. The "grinders" earn a mediocre salary (gold) and feel slow progress. And might be reluctant to continue progress. The "Swipers" CAN actually use real-life ressources in order to "catch-up", however, they skip through the learning phase, and feel excluded from "end-gear content" that requires some kind of mechanics.


    Basically, with the way the business model is, and overall strategy, I don't think Blade and Soul can have a healthy future. The only remedy to this, is to make it impossible for "swipers" to earn ALL their gear through $$$. That they have to farm to obtain it. To actually play the game. With the way things are, pretty much everything can be swiped through. Anything can be bought with gold, and currency-exchange being a thing, aswell as gold selling sites, there is no need to actually play the game.


    I assume you adopted this business model because we have quick patches, and people will always have stuff to swipe for. But what do you plan on doing once we catch up in terms of content and people having nothing to "swipe" for ?

    With the way things are in other versions, end-content is impossible to grind. There is some item that costs 3600$ that everyone deems impossible to grind. If we go down that route, who will remain ?


    I don't know where goes the money you earn from the quick crash-grabs, but without advertizement for this game through the e-sports scene, and implementation of "walls" against swipers so they actually have to farm something, which WILL keep them interested in the game, as opposed to them buying everything and not playing, this game has no future.

    I love Blade & Soul, and I believe it is about time we had some communication between the devs aswell as localizators, and the playerbase. And not just about outfits or T-shirts.

    I wish I could up-vote this more than once. I agree with everything.

  9. 6 hours ago, Ooneka said:



    The intended amount of Silverfrost Growth Seed is 1, not 2. The patch notes will be edited quite soon accordingly.


    Best regards,


    Team Blade and Soul

    So what about those who have run already? Will you retroactively give us completed runs worth? This is a big mistake that should have been caught sooner.