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  1. Login Failed (42).

    Check you clients now. I have an update. I will update and try to connect. I will keep you informed.
  2. Login Failed (42).

    I am located in NA. I am trying to access the NA service, Soha server. My trace route is After I put in my security pin it fails to connect to server. I receive an error message (207) and it states maintenance is underway. I have already tried the process of a manual reboot for both of my PC and Router. This did not fix the present issue.
  3. I prefer not to put this info on because it is very unsafe to put this info on the Internet. If they want it they can look it up via back trace.
  4. This did not work for me.
  5. Login Failed (42).

    I am in NA trying to connect to Soha server in NA. I get error saying maintenance is underway. I am attaching a screenshot.
  6. Login Failed (42).

    I am on Soha
  7. Login Failed (42).

    For almost an Hour I have been unable to login in. I get an error message stating maintenance is underway... I ma on Soha Server. I will attached my screenshot.
  8. I am on Soha NA and I got an error message stating maintenance is underway with error code 207...
  9. The quest for Chapter 10 when you have to travel to Blackram South Anchors does not load. It always disconnects on both of my characters and they're on two different servers... Anyone else having this issue and if so have you found a solution?
  10. I know a lot of you will troll because a lot of you don't know how to act like a mature decent human being. That being said. I can see if you paid money for Founders pack and you're upset but most of these people complaining are non premium members that started playing yesterday. Please stop flooding the Faction chat and Forums with your whining. Don't ruin it for the rest of us. I already have a rediculously long block list from babies and trolls. You're not the only person that has anxiously waited for 8+ years for BnS. Get off you high horse and deal with it and shut up or stop playing. Yes queue times are bad but if you read the news NCSoft in adding more servers within the next 48 hours and they have activated an AFK timer. So by this weekend we should see a huge change. I for have waited for 2 hours in queue to play and you know what? Yes it bothered me that I had to wait but Blade and Soul is worth the wait. So find something productive to do while you wait. Hopefully this has helped you feel better and if not no loss of sleep for me. Good luck out there and enjoy yourselves!!! :D
  11. Please stop your complaining.

    FYI once an AFK timer is implemented all characters that are afk will be kicked. This is a universal program that affects all players logging on and already logged on. So those players logged on since the 15th will be kicked once they go af for a period of time. Also I am now in so have a nice day.
  12. Please stop your complaining.

    Again if you would bother to read all the posts I have already stated I am a non premium member. I have been waiting for 2 hours and now have approximately 20 minutes left wait. Do your research and read before you make yourself look ignorant.
  13. Please stop your complaining.

    I completely agree with you. I will say most of the community is very helpful as well. Game wise this is probably the smoothest release, bugs and graphics wise, that I have seen in my 5 years as a beta tester. I can't wait for Queue times however I get more and more excited to play because I only have approx. 18 minutes left and I have been waiting for 2 hours. I have to say that the only major issue being some minor server issues and queue time is minor compared to some games I have tested. In fact this is by far one of the best. Plus I give kudos to NCSoft for finding a resolution in 1 day and can implement it in two. For those of you that understand server maintenance and data streaming this is extremely impressive.
  14. Please stop your complaining.

    I don't understand this logic. How is NCSoft forcing anyone to buy premium packages? This queue is unfortunate but is in the process of being resolved..
  15. Please stop your complaining.

    I am not a premium member. I did buy the Initiates Founders pack so I can play in Head Start but I'm in the non premium member queue like you. See this guy is the perfect example of the hate in this community. Thank you ApoloDeus for proving that point. Before you judge a person or game do your research. Else you look like a jerk for the world to see. Just wait though in 2 days queue issue will be resolved. Have a nice day :D
  16. Lack of AFK timers is perplexing

    I agree with you 100%. I have been a closed and open beta tester for 4 years and I have never seen such smooth gaming but the AFK issue is a big problem.
  17. Log out players who are AFK

    I agree with this topic +1. Afk players should be logged out after say 20 minutes max.
  18. No premium points - Initiate Pack

    You can view your premium points in the store. Bottom of the page right hand side.
  19. Blackram South Anchor inaccessible.

    I found a resolution. Enter the area by staying as close to the right hand wall as possible. You will load in successfully.
  20. No premium points - Initiate Pack

    I applied it yesterday, 1/15/2016, at 12:30. I even received the conformation email.
  21. No premium points - Initiate Pack

    I have the same issue and the same with my wife. We both bought the Initiate pack. Yes we both Applied code yesterday.
  22. Founders pack Title

    When will our character title appear from buying the founders pack?