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  1. Silver Frost Chapter 30 Disconnect...

    Your English is fine and I too am happy I am not the only one!! I submitted a support ticket and they tried to say it was my pc... Can you submit one as well and maybe we can get them to look into it? Thank you.
  2. Silver Frost Chapter 30 Disconnect...

    During chapter 30 I dc after I use the dragon pulse. Does this happen to anyone else? I have tried on two different pcs and same thing. Yes, mods, I did submit a support ticket.
  3. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful outfit and emblems. It has helped me out tremendously. Keep up the good work!!
  4. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    It is not late. You need to go by their time. It is currently 6:55 am PST. It is always delivered the day after maintenance. You will receive it sometimes today.
  5. Everything is just a grind now.

    This game is no where near a grind. For example in Cabal 2 to go from level 45 to 46 you require 13 million Experience. Now the quests give maybe 70k - 100k at most and the dailies give about the same. The mobs drop maybe 100k exp at most. Now most mmorpg's are like Cabal 2 grind wise. In fact BnS is one of the best games when it comes to not requiring a lot of grinding. I get it the Hongmoon Levels seems like it can take a while but if you do your E Fleet, Night Shade Harbor, Blood Shade Harbor, Black Ram Supply, Mushin's Tower, Naryu Labyrinth and the 4 Blues you will level in no time. Also PVP is a good way to level as well. You and everyone else can do this!! You can make good money too. Good luck if you decide to stay!! :D
  6. Every time I try to access this area for the main quest Chapter 10 I dc. This happens with both my characters on two different servers. My wife has the same exact issue. Anyone having this issue and have you found a resolution?
  7. Show off your characters!!

    I spent and hour and a half making my warlock. I am very happpy with her and she is super fun. I hope you like!! <3
  8. Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

    I love the bottom picture because I too want to play with the Lyn's ears and rest my head between them! <3 <3 <3
  9. Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

    I agree 100%. I am the worst artist ever. I can't even draw a decent stick figure :( Everyone here is so talented. I love to look at your creations and study them in awe. Good job everyone and keep them coming!! It makes me want to try to be a better artist. <3
  10. GG is affecting almost everyone and it is a useless Anti Hacking program. If it worked so well then why are there bots in PVe and PVP still. Why is there spammers still? Too many people are getting banned for using "third party programs" when actually it is there anti malware or anti virus programs. I know not all of them are innocent. Last night for example GG was making skype crash on my wife's pc. The scary thing is skype is not on that PC. We checked everywhere and no skype to be found. This is why we are petitioning it to be removed. I would like them to use a different program like what Asia uses and no I do not know the name. They have close to 0 hackers. I implore you to do research on GG and form your own opinion's about GG.
  11. It is nice to meet you as well. Why don't you join us. I'd hate to see an artist turned away because of GG. I love BnS and I don't want to quit but GG is such a bad anti hacking program that obviously doesn't work.
  12. Bots emailing me

    So I just received 1000 emails from spammers wanting me to buy gold. I REFUSE TO BUY GOLD. How do I deal with this? I need a mod's help because now I am extremely worried that I will be punished because there are bots emailing me... I will try to submit a support ticket in the mean time.
  13. Bots emailing me

    Phew I am afraid of being banned. I have now 6 characters, 2 of which are lvl 45, and don't want to get banned.
  14. Bots emailing me

    I am talking about the forum mail sorry for the confusion.
  15. Count me in. I will be there my friend. Let us unite and hope NCSoft will listen. I 100% agree wiht you. Too many games have been ruined do to GG and nobody said anything.
  16. Forums now being "Bot" Spammed..

    Yea I just received 1000 emails from spammers...
  17. A Look At GameGuard

    This is very informative and scary. I will continue to play but I do not know if I will put anymore money into this game. Maybe my monthly premiums but we shall see. My wife and I played BnS since Headstart without issues and then this patch came out and poof. So many problems with programs that wren't even on our pc... GG kept closing her client saying skype crashed and skype is not on her pc. Then it started to act up on mine. It said webfault failed. Um this is not on my pc either soooo... Yea I love BnS so much but GG will ruin this game if they keep it. See if GG is hacked then everyone playing BnS and all other games using GG will be screwed.
  18. Lets have a vote on removing gameguard

    I run multiple anti malware programs for that. I just like the hackers prevention. I understand where you are coming from as well. I am glad to see we can come to an understanding. I have understand this and I am very careful of this IE no porn sites or unregistered sites for me. I just like having the anti hackers prevention. I just wish it blocked more but I have noticed a huge difference so far.
  19. Lets have a vote on removing gameguard

    You're right I shouldn't say all of you are hackers and bot runners. However it doesn't change my opinion on the of what I think. I will sacrifice some FPS for better security. You may not want to but this day an d age you can never be too careful.
  20. Lets have a vote on removing gameguard

    Requesting Gameguard removed is stupid. I get it that you are having issues but I like to be protected tyvm. Also this makes me think you all complaining are the hackers and bot runners.
  21. Can anyone help me with this plz? :(

    The best way to resolve is to submit a report ticket or click file repair on your client. Either option is fine. I had an issue like this a while back and they helped me resolve.
  22. BSH hair acquired !!

    Congratulations!!! Now I know how to get that wonderful wig!!!
  23. The RNG is beyond rigged

    I think the Percentage rate is off. When the RNG was originally made there was 4 classes. So the percentage rate was at 25%. However since classes have been added I haven't seen anything about the percentage rate being changed. So now it is all skewed.
  24. Login Failed (42).

    Well I made it in the game. Not sure what happened but a small in game client update of 35 suddenly appeared. Good luck ladies and gentleman.