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  1. Destroyers are super fun. They are great for venting when you're angry because you literally destroy everything in your path. I plan on starting one myself. (I played my wife's level 45 and fell in love with the chaos and mayhem.)
  2. I am man and I have a female summoner which I think is extremely adorable. I do think in a way it might be geared the way you stated however I know plenty of men that find the Lyns very adorable. I am happy NCSoft made the Lyn race.
  3. Show off your characters!!

    My main, FaeQueen, so cute!! <3
  4. To the Dev team.

    Please do your job and remove destroyer bots from Arena. I know this is a lot to ask of you. Do you job.
  5. To the Dev team.

    Clearly you misunderstand what is intended. All they need to do is do away with the client based crap and invest in server based ant hacking programs. Poof bots and spammers gone.
  6. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    What's worse is now that GG is up, there is bots back in arena. I am gold ranked stuck in destro hell. So Perfect timing and constant stuns plus lag equals no fun in arena anymore. Thank you dev team for doing a superb job. Take a bow. This is an amazing game it is one of my favorites, however the customer support is useless and the Dev team clearly never listen to the player base. NCSoft is allowing these people to ruin this wonderful game.
  7. It would be nice if there's a marriage system T u T

    I find this Idea fantastic. To be able to marry my wife again only in game <3. NCSoft we need this.
  8. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    My thread was deleted albiet it was merged here but no warning was given. No "locked thread because of merger" warning...
  9. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    I created a thread regarding the issues with GG and called on NC and Dev to fix the issue and they deleted my thread. No warning or anything. Nice way to avoid the problem/ * Slowly claps*
  10. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    What I don't understand is why Game Guard is being used in BnS and not Aion. This makes no sense what so ever. If it didn't work in Aion why try it in BnS?!
  11. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    This is by far my favorite mmo ever. Such a beautiful game and well put together. The issue is Game Guard and the rush to catch us up to KR. ( KR has had this game for 5 years so they've had plenty on time to work out bugs) Where as NCSoft is rushing and causing more issues by doing so.
  12. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    OMG this both made me laugh but infuriates me even more. Game guard is an outdated program. It may have been one of the first anti-hacking tools but it is now riddled with holes and any decent hacker can bypass Game Guard allowing for easier access for bots and spammer. I am not a hacker I just know how they think lol.
  13. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    While Gameguard was not running I had no issues and I saw virtually no spammer or bots. Now that it is on again I am super laggy, I dc during videos and loading seals. I have also noticed a huge influx in Bots and spammers... NCSoft and Dev team you need to address this. It is your responsibility to ensure a great game and security. GG is not the right answer. It hurts so many peoples PC. I am on SOHA server and nearly everyone has these issues. BW, SSP and Grand Harvest is virtually impossible because of the enhanced lag from GameGuard. TL:DR Game Guard is causing more issues and people will quit because of the lag, dcig and inability to complete dailies in Silver Frost. Please find another program that actually works and doesn't bog your servers down.
  14. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    I've had nothing but issues with GG. I have noticed a pattern as well. When GG is running there are more Spammers and bots. When it is not active there are barely any spammers and bots...
  15. Introduction

    Only certain classes like the KFM.
  16. Introduction

    Haha Awesome I was on Guild New and ForeverKnight. This is Nahdya also known as FaeQueen. I had a FA and FS. Welcome!!!
  17. You make a valid point. I only suggested Cosmetics because I do not want to see this game become P2W. I never want to see this. If you want P2W there are plenty of other games to choose from.
  18. I think they should give costumes or weapon skins. Mainly cosmetic items to prevent P2W.
  19. very true however I feel everyone both premium and non premium players should not have a limit on dailies. I do have to agree with you here.
  20. Introduction

    Did you have a Wizard on Ascension Guild in Cabal 2? Also nice to meet you. This game is way better than C2 imo. I think you'll enjoy it. Good luck out there!!
  21. Hello Kitty

    ++++++ 1
  22. Support Contact Number?

    Unfortunately they will never refund you. Good luck though.
  23. I think there should be no limit for everyone. You may say bot issue but clearly you have not played Cabal2. That was a bot fest. I say get rid of daily limit. I can reach 40 dailies in a matter of hours... Leaving me to do tedious mostly unrewarding dungeon and grinding. \ How is this P2W? P2W means you can buy items to make you stronger... How is this game remotely P2W??? You can buy gold yes but still can't buy items in store to make you stronger... You want to complain about P2W go play Cabal 2 or GW2 or WOW.
  24. Support Contact Number?

    BnS is an amazing game but Support and the Dev team will be the death of it if they don't get their act together. I submitted a ticket about dcing in chapter, Silverfrost, and they had me send them the diagnostics of my pc, check my ip, internet line. Essentially everything however I did not know about the optimize for low pc setting, btw I do not have, and tried it for giggles. Lo and behold it worked. Support over complicated a simple issue... How hard is it to suggest using that setting first instead of having us install potentially hazardous programs to our pcs??? Sigh they have never helped me. It has been the player base or I figure it out on my own. TL;DR Good luck because support is always right, even when they're wrong, and assume the issue is you or your hardware and not anything to do with there old *cricket* servers, or their programming...
  25. Really NCSoft?

    I submitted support ticket yesterday about not being able to complete chapter 30 in Silver Frost due to a bug. They got back to me at 4am... This was about 10 hours after I started the ticket. They asked for some additional information and I gave it. They than asked for more... I submitted this almost 6 hours ago and no response. I understand there is a lot to do but 10 hours to reply to a support ticket and now 6 hours right now for this one. Terrible customer service skills NCSoft. Truly terrible.