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  1. Wrong accessory listed in dungeon description.

    No worries mate.
  2. Wrong accessory listed in dungeon description.

    I understand that but the breakthrough item is "Sentinel Ring". Sentinel's Ring is not listed. Only Sentinel's Earring which doesn't exist.
  3. I am wondering if the bonus 5 skill points you receive by reaching lvl 50 hm 1 is over. I just leveled two characters to lvl 50 and I received the bonus points. I leveled those two about a month ago. Can a Mod or GM inform me if this is a bug or if the bonus is gone please.
  4. The faction balance is so skewed it's not even funny. Crimson controls all channels in ssp and misty. I was a crimson until last night. Crimson has become very toxic with the attitude of, if Ceruleans wants a channel they need to fight for it. How can they when most of them are under geared and crimson out numbers them 10:1. All I would like to see is the crimson give Ceruleans one channel in ssp and misty woods. Soha server is slowly dying and this game is slowly dying. Monopolizing the channels will only kill the server faster. The Ceruleans I met reminded me of head Start when everyone was kindhearted and helpful. Crimson was like that but now it is filled mostly with trolls and jerks. Don't get me wrong there's a lot of nice people too but the trolls outnumber them. TL;DR please allow Ceruleans to have a dedicated channel so they too can enjoy the game as much as you get too. If we can come to an impasse this would make Soha great again.
  5. Faction balance and toxicity on Soha

    I agree that is no way to act. We're all adults or should be. Let's act like it.
  6. Faction balance and toxicity on Soha

    I guess you don't read my full post. I was crimson. I have been so since head start. I had 8 chars in crimson. I left crimson because of toxicity. If I have to struggle to get insigs that's fine. However being toxic is not how you play games. I know my message will fall of deaf ears for most, however for those who listen may at least want to see a change.
  7. Faction balance and toxicity on Soha

    I am happy and sad to see this issue is on multiple servers. I feel validated because it's not just me but sad because no one should suffer. I love Blade and Soul. This is by far one of the best mmo's I have EVER played and I've been playing games for 27 going on 28 years now. It would be nice if crimson and cerulean can make a pact like channel 1 ssp is crim channel 3 is ceru and channel 2 is for faction fights. That's how it was in head start. in Misty woods channel 1-3 crims won. Channel 4-6 Ceru won and channel 7 was faction battles. This was very fun and amazing. I only hope we can once again have this design. Good luck DirectorTseng.
  8. THANK YOU!!!

    I finished the story line and I am so happy. I will admit I cried like a baby. Thank you for doing a wonderful job. Also the outfit is totes adorbs!!!
  9. Content behind paywall

    I lol'd so hard. You do realize F2P companies need to make money to keep the game running at optimal performance. I get it, you feel like you're missing out because you can't buy things. Guess what, you're not the only person who doesn't have money to blow on a game. So either enjoy this game or quit. Those are the options that you have available when it comes to F2P. I strongly suggest before you accuse a company of paywall you learn basic economics first.
  10. SSP weapons are gone, good, and now...

    More like make multi boxing illegal. I swear someone at ssp mutipboxes ever *cricket* time Grindtooth spawns. I can do all of ssp except for Grindtooth because of the massive lag from bots and multiboxers. (Yes I use optimize for low end pc, I use ctrl + f, and I shut all names off). Don't get me wrong, removing the weapon boxes is a step in the right direction and I am happy because I can actually do SSP dailies except got grindtooth.
  11. Heptagonal Gems huge pay2win

    I've received 50 weekend chests from BW and no Gem. FYI rng blows so sorry if I have little faith atm.
  12. Heptagonal Gems huge pay2win

    The point is the gems required to start making the heptagonal gems come from event chests only. So tell us again how this is not P2W?
  13. [MASSBLADE] Joins B&S! - (My Journey)

    Well you finally join. I think you'll love this game. (aside from the bots). Blade master is decent in pvp as long as you unlock your hm block skill. This game is still way better than Cabal 2.
  14. Friends list bug

    Instead of showing the character my friend is on it lists every single character they have.
  15. I watched this and cried like a baby. QQ I absolutely love this game and story line.
  16. I think it is either China or Korea.
  17. Wow you're absolutely right. I miss FFVII.
  18. How is my thinking Lyns are cute being perverted? Talk about gender stereotyping. What a man can't find find something cute and cuddly?
  19. I agree with you about Sephiroth, my all time favorite anti hero or fallen hero, however he did kill Jiwan and set Jinsoyun up igniting this whole damn war and the spread of darkness. So I would love to see him killed.
  20. I have no idea. I only watched this clip. I wanted to leave some mystery and discovery for me.
  21. If the males had outfits like these I would make a male to where the nurse outfit lol. I mean why the hell not. Might as well have fun.
  22. Unlock the Chi Master

    Oh damn nice. I just want to use it to solo Blackwyrm!! Yes it will take a long time but still a feat!!
  23. Unlock the Chi Master

    I watched Jaesung's 24 hour stream with the Qi Master (Soul Fighter) and I am super stoked. This class seems to have amazing offenses and defenses. Great for solo play and party play. The class has lots of cc and aoes which makes me super happy!! However I can wait for it unlike some people. ^^