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  1. I am happy for you. I know there are people who can afford it. The majority of it either can't afford it or see it as a waste because they only like certain parts of the bundle.
  2. While I am appreciative of such a spectacular bundle, 4799 ncoin is an outrageous amount for a bundle. I am away of what it entails, however no free to play person, probably 70% of the player base, can not afford such a price. I wanted to give my opinion on the subject.
  3. I helped wed these two lovely people in game. It was a momentous ceremony. There was love, laughter and fireworks. (This is not an official marriage)
  4. Wow you did an excellent job with your characters!! <3
  5. Wow thank you so much for the information. This is extremely helpful. I can restart a couple of my low level characters.
  6. Hello, It's been six months since I have played Blade and Soul. I am thinking of coming back because I miss the game, visuals and my characters. Is NCSoft still offering return care packages that will allow people to catch up to the current weapon/item paths? Thank you for you time, FaeQueen
  7. Ooh. She is pretty and her eyes are gorgeous!
  8. You do realize that most people can't solo a terror or complete floors 14 and 15. You do realize that people can't get credit for Grindtooth because of multi boxers and bots. I am Soha/Jiwan/Dochun, I am a day time player and the "Elite" clans don't come on until 12 am est because they live in China. Explain to me how I can get moonstones. I lag in Mushins, I can't do ssp because it is controlled by crims during the day and I can't solo terrors. Hmmm. I have 546 ap and I struggle to find parties because everyone weats 600 ap for a simple dungeon like Gloomdross, SM and Asura. I am happy you're
  9. HAHA Nice troll. Seriously though gratz man. I forgot to mention, I am happy there is proof that Golden Wild Ginseng sells for 10k gold. Enjoy upgrading your gear.
  10. This is not an event. This is a permanent fixture. Also congrats on the 10,000 gold. How much did you have to spend to get this? I'd like to also add this is not nesecarily a P2W event because you're gambling Gold in hopes for more Gold. Now the Moonstone bundle in store is a P2W feature.
  11. This is caused my bots and multi boxers. I too have this issue during Crim version of Konta and Grindtooth as well. I have to hope for SSP keys from Terrors and GrassSquatchs because people multi box, IMO I think it is the Chinese gold sellers. Of course this is speculation and I have no proof but it is a logical conclusion.
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