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  1. i had this issue using the game at 4k my solution was switch to windows mode set 1080 and after press alt enter and the resolution will set to 4k but the font will be the same as 1080 (bigger)
  2. the actual issue its not the wipe mech its the HP in example, sandstorm temple boss from 300 something Million to 2 billion in the most easy dificulty its something else xD well we can just only wait and hope for the best, because no GM actually clarify something on the forums. :C
  3. i don't usually use this forums but i have a question regarding the july update on KR they had an HP buff in dungeons and its a lot in all difficulties if this its already on the sept 8 patch, how do you expect for new players to complete the call to arm event. and dont tell me to use f8 because eveyone wants a minimun gear or you get kicked. and if you get all new players party will take an eternity to clear the dungeons. sorry for the bad english https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciCahz35kAw
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