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  1. Warlock Leveling Event.

    What I said come true. LOL
  2. Warlock Leveling Event.

    Well, just a hypothesis, XD
  3. Warlock Leveling Event.

    So if I still didn't receive the reward by 6 PM today, what should I do? Eventhough my warlock had reached 45 several days ago
  4. Warlock tips for junghado

    I passed it when I had 387 ap, 32000hp. As I know, there is someone having passed it with 19000hp and 350 ap. Most imporatant is that you should learn how to deal with different skills of junghado

    This is my character of Jin race in other server. So I think I will continue using her for my warlock class. XD
  6. Kick from CROSS SERVER

    Everyday I'll come across these annoying players at least one time. But I don't think directly kicking privilege for leader is a good way to solve this problem. Cuz if the leader can kick someone, it means that he/she can kick all the other players and get all the bonus items
  7. Just unlock the Warlock already

    :( I think several days later this topic will have 20 pages' replies. I mean that it shows our urgent hopes about the coming of warlock. But the NC seems will keep their blind on it. Well..well.., we, players, are always the weak, are't we. The game companies will only focus on how they can squeeze more money on us.....
  8. Just unlock the Warlock already

    I also wonder when the class will be released. I'm now playing blade dancer, but with little motivation due to not the class I want to play
  9. So when will warlock come? Is it possible during March?