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  1. +35 attack diamond

    Why is it that I required a recipe (addenum) to unlock Hex crafting but my friend did not? Glitch?
  2. I personally think this is a bad idea. Unless you plan on making the requirements to upgrade the new oathbreaker/breeze path require MTS rather than STS and remove it's Moonstone requirements. You've basically made Moonstones only available to elite/cash players. Which means they control the market prices on them. They are our most rare resource and as people realize this, their prices have become inflated. They have tripled in price since their release. You're punishing new players, forcing them to P2W. They will have to buy gold to be able to purchase moonstones/STS to upgrade, whereas that was never an issue with Siren / Pirate paths. There's no way a 400 AP player can go to SPP and PvP vs 600+ AP people to get their moonstones. I thought you guys were against making this game P2W, yet you continue to provide gambling "events" (you might want to look up the definition of event). Might want to take a page out of Nexon's books and provide ACTUAL events where you GIVE stuff away instead of forcing people to gamble to get stronger. The only real event we had was the Valentine's event. Everything after that has been a cash cow. So, now you're saying that you're going to remove the easier weapon paths for new players. Don't give us your petty BS excuses and just tell us straight up that you're going to make all end game weapon/accessory paths CASH ONLY, in the form of RNG boxes (à la PWI anniversay packs).
  3. @Unicorns Thanks for the infograph, really useful :D Good to know that I didn't waste my time and gold ^^
  4. So if I had stayed True Siren, I would have been able to skip Pirate completely with this new patch? If so, that's bogus. Do the people that have True Pirate get something out of it? All that gold and grind wasted?
  5. If it's a 6man dungeon, I really doubt the reason they were leaving was because you weren't 400 attack. Had you already killed Thrasher? The first boss. If so, they were leaving because they wanted to do their daily quest and that boss is required to do the quest. Highly likely that was the reason you couldn't get people to stay.
  6. Cross-server Dungeons Leechers

    I agree with a vote kicking option, anyone that stands at the entrance should be kicked.
  7. Hide UI and interface

    Bump for this. I would like to know as well. I also can't get it to work. I've tried in both fullscreen and windowed mode.
  8. Reporting Offensive Character Names

    I submitted a ticket. Also, thank you for taking care of the person in this thread that made inappropriate comments. Have a good day.
  9. Reporting Offensive Character Names

    Well when someone with maturity decides to answer, I'll check back.
  10. I checked report in game but you can only report spammers and bots so... This name is pretty *cricket*ing offensive
  11. I'm getting the Marketplace is "temporarily unavailable" as well, this started when I patched as I was using the marketplace yesterday. Please fix. Thank you :)
  12. Warlock Weapons Available?

    I also found a Warlock weapon, considering the boxes are RNG can we not have the chance of getting a useless item?

    I kind of agree, we do need more variety. I enjoy the cute bubble shorts but there really are TOO many. More variety please!
  14. Make the party Window smaller?

    Ugh, quest log.... can't untrack quests you don't want to do right away? seriously.... fix it.
  15. It's way too big.... reduce the size of the icons, make the bars thinner. There's no reason for it to be so big... The UI is too busy, everything is way too big =/ When doing main story line, we don't need to see all the past steps in the UI quest log, I can have a main story line that takes up half my screen, it's a bit over the top. Only allow current steps to be shown and cross off the ones we already did in the Quest log (J Key). I like all the shortcuts at the bottom, great for beginners, but once you know what all the keys do you should be allowed to make them invisible.