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  1. cant enchant soulshields

    Only Soul Shield Primers can now be fused to other Soul Shields. It was announced in beluga patchnotes Edit: it is not a bug
  2. Beluga locked, WWV unlocked instead

    any idea what timezone? i play EU, my time zone is UTC+3, it was 6AM here when it got locked
  3. Beluga locked, WWV unlocked instead

    'Sup Ok, after a few Beluga runs, it got locked and WWV is unlocked instead (before daily reset). Thats pretty much it. Thx.
  4. Hey guys, since last night (the night before maintenance) im encountering big lag spikes and can't figure out why. im playing this game since beta and never had any issue like this before. it takes 2-3 seconds from the push of a button until character reacts. i can move, everything else around me stops, cant use skills and stuff. I'm playing EU Windrest my pc specs: CPU: i5 4690 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2 x 8GB) GPU: Asus ROG Striker GTX760 4gb SSD: Kingston 240gb - i've restarted my router many times, but same result. - its an almost fresh OS install - my internet is running very smoothly, i have a 200mb/s internet connection, and if its relevant, im from Romania and i have a 51ms ping on Frankfurt (with if any other details needed, let me know and ill update this post maybe someone could help me or can tell me what im missing here thank you very much in advance P.S. also forum loads very slow for me
  5. [Ceru] Summoner 650+ AP looking for clan

    - recruited ty
  6. [EU] Windrest - is server down?

    managed to join the game right now
  7. [EU] Windrest - is server down?

    title, or any1 has any idea what happens? i just got dc suddenly, and when i try to log in again, typing my pin, waiting for agreement and then this: i have internet connection, as you can see, im posting here
  8. TMW i cri evritiem

    point taken, but still, is more painful to see even more stuff i cant afford xD
  9. not sure about tagging, but if you dont want to do pvp, another option i can think of would be this:
  10. [SOLVED] I'm lost, how to learn rumblebees vol 2

    hi @Raizou, yes, dokdan doesnt have anything but dailies, and old man cho isnt there
  11. hey guise, as the title says, can you point me in the right direction? apparently dont have any quest related, do i need to do something before? i also have the rumblebees achievment done thank you very much in advance EDIT: SOLVED apparently i was trying with 1 skill point... when i actually needed 2, i didnt pay attention, stupidity is great with this one
  12. Login/Game Problems?

    just logged in, apparently it works now yea me too, i spawned in bamboo village lol (i was in harvest square when i went crosserver)
  13. Login/Game Problems?

    same here, also windrest
  14. Marketplace

    you're not alone mate, since yesterday after the last downtime marketplace is lagging af