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  1. I know how to do it its just literally impossible. Still trying to this day, timing isn't the problem for me since I've had many years of instrument playing under my belt.
  2. Main Quest typo, Screenshot included.

    Just a minor typo, what your character says has a "w" put before the actual line of dialog. Not a major issue but might as well report it.
  3. Yeah when I was trying to do it even though I was doing it right,which its kind of impossible to get it wrong, it just made me feel stupid and like I was playing my character wrong the whole time.
  4. Maybe its just me being a shitter (which I don't believe that's the case, surprising huh? /s), a ping issue, or maybe its just miscalculated but the Quick Combo Training 2 for assassins where you can only use Heart Stab and Dark Strike on the dummy seems to be impossible for me, the timing just doesn't work at all with the animation length. Yes the dummy is 5 stacked with poison.
  5. Issues with the Gon Race

    My character actually has a negative size, certain costumes make the nipples the equivalent to metal spikes
  6. Issues with the Gon Race

    Can we just fix these torpedo tits and broken stand still stance already? They're so awkward to work with/look at, ruins so many costumes and makes me not want to use the Gon race at all.
  7. Power Glove KFM weapon skin

    Talking to people in faction chat at night sometimes creates good ideas, title says it all.
  8. Oh yeah I forgot it wasn't in 2014, mb
  9. I've played this game since its release in the US and I stopped playing at around mid 2015 or early 2016 because it was just so grindy of a game. I hope that one day there will be an MMO with creators that know the difference between working for stronger gear and just straight up bullshit.
  10. Anyone else getting heavy lag?

    BTW I'm in NA servers living in NA and I'm getting this lag in the tutorial area. This lag is new to me since that last time I played this game was around either late 2015 or early 2016, I don't remember.
  11. Anyone else getting heavy lag?

    So I just got back into the game and made a new character but my MS for me is 200-300, is anyone getting this insane lag for no reason? Its not my ISP and I live in America using the NA servers. I have played this game for a long time before I took a break and I have never seen lag this bad.
  12. Daily dash

    [Removed: Please refrain from posting personal conversations] Don't worry guys they're working on it, don't get your pitchforks yet
  13. I can't access Daily Dash after todays update.

    No one can, I coulda gotten night luna so Im really mad about that, try sending a support ticket and maybe we can get compensation.
  14. Gold Spam STILL Flooding Chat

    How about we just add a captcha to make new accounts or something along the lines of that?
  15. Company behind gold spammers

    yeah seeing nothing but websites that are trying to sell gold in the chat is really annoying