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  1. mushin tower 7F can't beat Junghado as a sin

    Had a bit of trouble with him as well, Like said above, till I worked out a bit different perma stealth cycle. I have spinal tap pointed out, but I seldom keep it on CD. I am pointed to T3 F1 to keep stealth as well ( more explaining in a min ) Instead of SS backing away from him, I walk out in stealth with about 1.0-1.5 left in stealth. This keeps me at a much closer range then if you where to SS back. Keep the 1 key pressed ( since Shadow Drain should be on CD at all times ) and as soon as I pop out of stealth, I am back on him from a very close range. ( Just beyond 5m ) If he does his stupid "I am Invuln and I see you trick" this is where I am using my Spinal Tap most often. SS away from him, Decoy, Smoke Screen, what have you, but STUN HIM WITH Spinal Tap. Placing him in a Stun should remove the see stealth buff from him. Same works if you SS > Tab Turning Leaf > 1 Shadow Dash > Spinal Tap I keep a few of the six second Invuln potions handy in case he opens up as well, and my Lotus Fury is on CD. But for the most part, since I started staying closer to him.... he has been not turning and catching me near as often. Prior, when I would SS out, even if I pulled the stealth in on Shadow Dash, he had turned already. Hope this helps mate
  2. [Mushin's Tower] Please Address Junghado

    I personally really hope they do no changing to him. Took a good number of tries to learn his abilities, his patterns, and what effects these patterns he has. He himself, is a great fight, and a way to see how well you are able to play your class. First encounter in B&S where it felt more like a Raid Boss you have to learn in stages, then a mob or boss you can just go in and faceroll the keyboard and win on.
  3. OK it's enough!!!

    Windows 7 Ulti 64 bit Asus Rampage IV Black Edition Mobo Intel I7 something ( clocked currently at 4.5gig ) EVGA gtx 680 ? ( have to check ) 64 gigs DD3 3 SSD's first for OS and base software, next two for programs ( games and such ) Razor Nagi ( not sure of current version ) Logitech G13 Logitech G710 Tons of software running for RoG ( Republic of Gamers Asus product ) Will edit when I get home with versions. And anything else anyone wants added
  4. OK it's enough!!!

    So you and your husband both use this keyboard ? Do you have specific profiles set up for B&S in the Synapse ? Anything set in there that are true macros no just keyboard binds ? ( keyboard binds with timers set in short ) I honestly do not see Synapse causing the fault on it's own. If it runs like Logitech ( and this is me assuming it does, please someone chime in if they know differently ) then it should be running the same Synapse for all products. Like if I log into my Logitech, I goto the profile set ups for all devices, and choose what I am binding and so on. If Razor uses the same concept, then it should be effecting all Synapse applications, not just that keyboards. Alpro, what configs are you looking for ? I am at work, but can list off the PC build best I can if that is what you are looking for. Though I do not have current versions of Synapse off the top of my head.
  5. OK it's enough!!!

    Fully agree and understand the frustration mate. Which is why I posted that I am not having the issue. If the issue was based off just the two products, then it should equally effect all PCs running the products. Perhaps there is something more underlining the two products and the game that is causing this. Example, You have people posting ( besides myself ) that have no issues with Asus or Razor. Is there anything in common between the ones that are not having the problem ? Vs the ones that are ? I do not have B&S running from the same main drive as the software from Asus and Razor, they are all installed on my main drive where B&S is installed to a different drive. ( using this for an example ) I would think trying to eliminate other variables might prove to move us farther ahead in the problem, and resolving a true solution instead of work around. Just my two cents.
  6. OK it's enough!!!

    Not disagreeing with you mate, just saying that I have yet to see any of this myself. Using both an Asus Mobo product, and Razor Naga. Which is why I asked ^^
  7. OK it's enough!!!

    Not trying to say this is not the problem, But are you sure that it is the Razor software ? I ask, because I have no issues what so ever running the game, launching the game, and I have Razor, Logitech ( along with a ton of other software that came with the Mobo see below ) running all the time. Never once have I crashed out, or had a problem launching the game, not in Beta, not live. Other software, lol not sure I can list it all, basicly anything that came with and can be up on a Rampage IV Black Edition. Which is all software designed for gaming by RoG.
  8. Well Exodus, More then likely something was misunderstood and Sgt was in the middle of something else. From a person that has known him in games for close to a decade now, he is not one to just blow you off. I would try contacting Cena or Raikiri and see. I do not know how many of this guild of Enrage are from the Enrage that I knew in PW, or from PW in general, but even there, we kept pretty busy and did not always catch everything said in pms, tells, or whispers. That, or send them a PM here on the forums ^^ Tal
  9. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    so seems NC Soft is deleting forum posts about this as well ? had over 73 page thread ( and others ) just up and vanish ?
  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Auto Mute would be of some help, as it would mute that character till a GM where to review the character. If they swap to another character and spam, same happens there. It would give us some relief compared to filling our block list of fifty slots in three mins, only to find there are still another hundred spammers going on still
  11. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    NC Soft really needs to put in place an AUTO Mute once you are reported as Spam by say, IDK 50 players ??? Temp Mute the account from anything but whispers or guild chat, till a GM can review it. Enough said, easy enough to put in place, many games have done such a measure to deal with Gold Sellers.
  12. True enough, we can report them, but it seems as though one of two things a. Nothing is being done about them after they are reported, be by the GMs in game or what have you b. There are just far too many or have discovered work arounds for this As I posted before, I cleared my list after I blocked the first set of Gold Sellers yesterday afternoon when I logged in. When I was informed that I had hit my max blocked characters, I cleared my list and restarted blocking. Capped the list in under a few mins and still had nothing but a wall of spam in Faction Chat, and Dungeon Finder Chat. This tells me, that NCSoft is not handling the spammers, or that they need to find something else to handle the amount of spammers we are getting in game. Other games I have played, have an auto mute once you are reported X number of times until it can be investigated by GMs. This, could be another way of handling the mass number of Gold Sellers that are hitting the servers. Or, raising the block character cap to something more then 50.
  13. agree to needing more then fifty slots to block. I cleared mine on Mushin, and refilled it in a matter of mins. Faction chat is still a solid wall of gold selling spam. Please rethink your black cap, and allow us to block ( as well as report ) the gold sellers. Well, that and please kick them so when we clear our lists, we are not just deleting ones that are still there
  14. why people still join windrest....

    Same reason people are still joining Mushin, with a larger yet population of premium then Windres.....
  15. Minimum level requirements for a dungeon?

    Yeah, I too saw a lot of this during the weekend. Run Exiles, oh look, two players that are not even 25 able to run the party ........ They are one shot food. Some of them, was very clear had a bit too much coin for a level 2X 'ish toon as well. ( just my two cents ) I can understand getting into a dungeon before you reach it on the map, but the level range should have min of gear level drops for the dungeon.